Beyond the FUNK

Now you are well on the way to manifesting and knowing how to change and manifest anything you want and your enemy will become yourself. Your greatest enemy in causing and creating what you want in life is you. You and your reactions and your judgement and the things that make you go down and blue are going to be the things you’re going to have to be on top off.

There are absolutely no excuses. You have learnt the discard you have learnt the emotional shower and now in this little booklet I’m going to demonstrate the skills and tools to stay away from the blues. If you read this booklet carefully and keep it printed nearby you will always be able to go back to it and dish yourself up a dose of self coaching when you need it.

I have now talked about the back on track process which is the daily power hour that will keep you humming along inspired beautifully. But we’ve also accepted the fact that we grow and evolve at the border of support and challenge. To that end, you can expect challenge. You can expect support. They will come in perfectly equal doses maybe not necessarily in time but they will come. There will not be a single second in your entire existence where there is not a balance of support and challenge. If you start to feel the blues coming on, or getting overwhelmed with funk, it is time to get back on purpose and remember the back on track process but also the most serious interventions such as the discard form.

Now this little booklet addresses the blues. I didn’t courage you to skim through it and bring any questions you have to today’s coaching session.

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