There was a music teacher in New York who specialised in teaching young children. She would give them a Bach concerto, on the first lesson, and treat them as if they were prodigy.

The children cried with frustration. But she demanded they try. After 10 weeks she would ask them to play something really simple and they played it without any hesitation. The progress those children had made in 10 weeks was exceptional. The reason why is she treated them as geniuses not as children.

In Houston Texas, there was a woman who ran a small school for under privileged black children. She too, like the woman in New York with the piano treated the children as if they were geniuses. The astonishing thing was that although the parents had no idea what the children were doing the children never understood the fact that they were from an underprivileged environment and therefore would typically have been considered to be poor scholastically. She treated the children as she wished them to become as geniuses.

Throughout the course of this 30 days I’ve treated you like you are an absolute world winning genius. I’ve treated you as a powerful heart and soul. I know you are this and I have not treated you falsely. From time to time you might have struggled and wrestled with the concepts been insulted by comments that have provoked you to understand yourself and your judgement. But in that I’ve treated you like a warrior and a powerful human being.

When you take the book above, extreme skills for busy people, and skim through it, you’ll be shocked at how much you already know and how quickly you can read this book and know the contents. If, 30 days ago I had given this book to you and said read this and apply it and translate it into action you would still to this day be on about page 10 struggling with the concepts and wrestling with your own Memes. And so, we have learnt from these amazing teachers in America that people become as you treat them and if you want people to be geniuses and big hearted loving souls, treat them so.

Skim this book and bring any questions to your coaching session today

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