By now you will have clearly annunciated your purpose and vision. If you have not then it may be wise to book a extra coaching session to clarify this matter.

In your workbook stage two you will find a sheet which says your life purpose statement. It is really wise to get this clear. If you think your purpose is not your purpose or may not be your purpose then it is definitely not your purpose. You will know your purpose because you will know that you know that you know that you know your purpose. It must have that clarity.

You will also have passed a series of pages called the discard forms and they are about moving through the blockages both mentally and emotionally that might keep you away from your vision and purpose. The forms have been ordered in a way that you can do your parents and then yourself. It is recommended that you do exactly 12 people. And then you become the 12th after having done others. This can include your spouse, X, your siblings, even your fantasy partner, your boss, Chris Walker and anybody else who has it any time pushed your buttons. Remembering the more people you can put through the discard form the more likely it is that you will have access to the character traits they represent in order to live your vision.

The last phase of the 30 day challenge is directing your energy. By now you will understand that how you feel and what you want to achieve are very different things. If you feel angry that is one topic, if you want to build a temple that is another topic. The construction of the temple can be done feeling angry or not. But, feeling angry might impact the investors, your health, your relation, your self-respect and so the temple might be built but you might not be around to enjoy it. So the discard forms are to help you emotionally stay open and not become close down in your lover mind.

So today there is no homework except for you to examine the qualities of the world and see if there is anything out there that you have not come to embrace in yourself. You will know these qualities because, by now Chris will have pushed your buttons really hard and provoked some degree of awareness of the things that you judge in others that you claim not to have in yourself. That myth can keep you a long way from directing your energy into what you would Love to create.

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