In the entire universe, which I hope your interest has been gained, in exploring viewpoint and big-game perspective, there are five universal principles that govern everything. During the past 20 days I have attempted to demonstrate the application of these principles to your energy and therefore your longevity.

You will know by now that a fight with nature cannot be one. But people try. They try all sorts of things but the predominant one is to think that they think in moral and ethical tones that supersede universal laws of nature. For example some people might say I am good, and ignore the universal law of balance. Balance would demonstrate that there is no such thing as good without bad.

There are other people who will say that they lack a certain quality. For example they will claim they are not a cheat. But then again they are denying another universal principle that nothing is ever missing it just changes in form and the question is better put, what form do you cheat? Universal laws cannot be beaten.

Then again there are people who are trying to find pleasure without pain and therefore cannot hold fast onto their own personal vision. They are seeking instead to satisfy an appetite that can never be satisfied. Pleasure, just like being right, can never be satisfied for long. Our appetite remains no matter how much of it we get we simply adapt and want more. And so these people are denying the fifth law of the universe which is the law of hierarchy.

Today it is important for you to consolidate your friendship not just with trees and flowers and all the beauty of animals and nature but with the universal laws of nature. If you still find yourself struggling to understand the translation of those laws into every day life then you should bring this up in your coaching session with me this week. It is important that you become without doubt on this matter.

That is your homework for today to read the little booklet that has been provided above. Then go through the five universal laws of nature and see if you can understand the application of these two relationships and every day life.

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