When you are sitting designing the strategy for your business or trying to work through an emotional crisis because something has not gone your way it is no use saying I live with nature and needing to go out into a forest for a three hour drive to get your act together. Instead we must bring nature to work if we really believe nature can and does make a difference.

To that end we need to be able to bring nature to work and use it effectively. I’m not suggesting you fill your office with pot plants but that could be a good start. In your communication with others and the design of the strategy and the development of timelines you can use nature as a guide. Nature is a guide to your emotion and your communication.

Do you remember the principle that nobody treats you better or worse then you treat yourself? That is a law of nature.

Do you remember that everybody in a business grows at the border of support and challenge and that good management offers both in moderate degrees? Again it is the law of nature.

Do you remember the concept of partnering and relationships at home and at work that there is the visica Pisces diagram that illustrates common overlapping traits and values that will cause people to understand each other? Again it is the law of nature witnessed everywhere.

Today your mission is to read the booklet and see if there is any area of business that you have not understood the connection between nature, natures universal laws and your success in business. If there is any such discrepancy it would be wise to bring that to today’s coaching session. You are now getting closer to the end of your 30 day program in these discrepancies need to be ironed out so that you have absolute bullet-proof confidence in your application of natures law for the future.

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