Throughout this booklet there are blank pages or questions that give you the opportunity to test your knowledge and see how you’ve progressed. The questions are not soul-searching.

There is a table which offices use the opportunity to look at your current teamwork and if this is not appropriate you can look at your family life and see where the gaps are and what you can do, to change the form of the challenges at home or at work.

You also might like to question what is the team vision, team purpose. Remembering that a team version should be expressed in all seven aspects of life. Not just one but it must have one single purpose to unite the different visions.

There is also an opportunity to look at using the organise supervise deputise model which by now you could be familiar with but if not please ask. This is how we differentiate between management and leadership. Anything that you can systematise will manage itself and therefore you can deputise. But delegation simply means you have dumped something on somebody and you will have the responsibility of leading it which is going to give you more headaches then it takes away.

You will also have an opportunity to remember the importance of the emotional shower at the end of every day so that you go home balanced. The story of the pig poo boots might come to mind as a reminder of what this is all about and there are some forms in this little booklet to give you the opportunity to just have a refresher.

I personally think that the most important part of this booklet is the changing your mind section which for those of you who are in leadership find typically very difficult. You will recall during the first 20 days of your program that you were introduced to what is called the back on track process. What it demonstrates is that you can’t just change your mind blink blink, your mind and your body and your environment and your values and your vision and your self talk are one and connected, and so if you want to have a flexible mind it also means including these other aspects of your life in your daily routine so that your mind remains adaptive.

And so today your homework is to go through the little booklet and fill out any blank forms and answer as many questions as you can and bring anything if you don’t understand or find confusing to today’s coaching session.

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