Now it comes time to put it all together. You know about self talk, you’ve written your vision, you know about your purpose, do you understand the importance of thought focus and not being distracted by judgements and emotions, do you know about gratitude, do you understand the back on track process and therefore the daily routine of staying focused and therefore you have all the ingredients to put together what is called the manifestation formula.

Let’s just take a step away from this for a minute and explain that if you were sitting in a chair and decided one day to create a universe and yet there was no universe there you would first have to imagine it. And then step-by-step you would have to go through what we have called the manifestation formula. Nothing can come from nothing. So everything starts with a thought and it depends on whether you can build, hold, stop the loss of and then direct that energy as to whether you can manifest what it is you’re looking to create. So whether it’s a cake, a business, a relationship or a sporting performance the manifestation formula, is the formula.

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