Soon people will ask you for advice. Given that you have understood the why and the wherefore of Innerwealth, you may be in a great position to help others. But I suggest a great deal of caution.

The single most important thing in coaching is to know and ask the right questions. The second most important thing in coaching is not to answer a question somebody didn’t ask. In other words, do not offer opinions unless somebody asks you.

Advice given to people that they didn’t ask for is a reflection of our own judgements. Those judgements are not worth anything and as you’ve seen in the 30 day program we spend a lot of time making sure we don’t project those on others.

For me I follow a principal that if people don’t pay and don’t ask I don’t advise. I also spend a significant amount of time honing my intuition by making sure I learned how to listen carefully to what people say. That is the greatest art of coaching. Listening. You will be very surprised if you can stay silent and listen because most people are trying to solve the wrong question.

99% of the solution comes from asking the right question. Helping people ask the right question becomes the focus of coaching. It is not about you the coach asking someone the right question it’s about coaching them so they ask themselves the right question and then you can help them solve it.

I’m also a strong believer in the motto that when the Y is big enough to help look after themselves. What does this mean? It means when a person has a big enough incentive, which I would call inspiration and vision, they start to see solutions to many of the things that they considered to be unsolvable problems. So for me the focus is to help people find a vision in all seven areas of life and then inspiration which is gratitude for what they’ve got before I start solving their cherry picked problems.

One of the worst things that can happen for people during the 30 day challenge is that they pick up some but not all of the model of back on track. They learn maybe the discard process or values process all the vision process and cherry pick that piece of that program because it was the most beneficial for them and start sharing it with others. But when each of the ingredients of the back on track had taken in isolation they can cause more pain than they heal.

Finally, the universal laws have been held secret and sacred for thousands of years and it has taken quite a bit of effort to bring these to become available to those who are ready. But for those who are not ready no words are possible. When people are not ready to see balance, no words that we can speak can encourage them to get through the Memes and thought processes that keep them in their current situation.

To that end, be mindful about jumping in to coach others until you have a year or so under your belt applying nature’s universal laws.

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