Exploring nature is universal laws is a life long experience and to help you with that I have included a few books here that you may enjoy reading at sometime in the future.

You have also access to the public podcasts I create on both SoundCloud and Spotify, all linked to Apple iTunes and upgraded daily.

Over on the Innerwealth website you will find plenty of resources including books to download when you are ready. It is not easy being different. You are unique and with the knowledge you have gained in these 30 days you have an opportunity to live a different life. You have an opportunity to live with purpose and with vision and by managing energy throughout your day you will have more vitality and longevity than the vast majority of people.

This day is an opportunity for you to ask any question and guide your coaching session in the direction that you think you need to feel complete. There is no homework as such but if you feel that you could use a few more discards or get more clarity on your vision that would be a great opportunity during the coaching session

I am now going to offer you ongoing coaching. Not everybody can afford it or is interested to do it but if your plan is to take your life to the next level in your career or business then I strongly encourage you to consider the fact that there is in the 30 day challenge the first of 1000 steps to growing your career into the space of your potential. It is a worthwhile investment both in time and money.

I also discount the 12 months fee of $7200 by the amount paid for the 30 days even if your company paid. However, your 12 months starts from the date of the beginning of the 30 days. Simply put, you got 3.5 months from the payment of the 30 day challenge. That’s acknowledging your commitment.

It has been a genuine pleasure working with you. There are no half-hearted success stories and I know that you’ve put your heart into this as I have.

With love and wisdom,


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