00:00 Good day folks. And today I promise that I would deliver some instructions as to how to fill, fill out the walk GE Daily Journal and here they are, fourth attempt at this recording, by the way, having a lot of technical problems today.
00:16 But here we are. I filled out the first bit and the first bit says today’s theme is training material. I then go down and have a look and I can see that I’ve got my v i P scores.
00:29 This will be social, nine. Had a great day, mental eight, really intense, very good. Spiritual. So this one is spouse or relationship you want to, might want to, or significant other.
00:46 And this is nine. Career nine financial eight, spiritual nine, health nine, and family. Dynamic is a nine. So I’m running at 9, 9, 9, 9, 8.
01:06 So I would get a total score and that’s really important if you’re wondering what the scores represent, it, they represent where my head’s at.
01:16 So these show how I feel. Now, I know some of you’ve done the advanced work, know that if we draw a circle and we go out to seven spokes, you can be inspired and get 10 outta 10 in all areas of life.
01:29 But I’m asking you on this form to dictate or to demonstrate how you feel my life purpose, X, Y, z.
01:37 If you don’t know your life purpose, that means we have work to do. My priorities today are number one the coaching as always to inspire people.
01:47 Number two, my purpose which is to open hearts with materials. Number three, my priorities today are training materials, which I link to my purpose coaching.
02:00 I link to my purpose. So I’m on total and priority for go for a swim and a bike turbo. This afternoon I’ve done a swim that’s done the turbo and I link that back to my purpose.
02:12 Number five, have beautiful breakfast, lunch, and dinner type with Jess and the kids. And I link that back to my purpose cuz my purpose in the world back up here it’s easy for me to link to anything I do in my life.
02:30 So I make sure everything that I prioritize is linked somehow or another back to my purpose at the top. I go now to self talk and I say, Chris you, you’re a winner.
02:46 You’re a beautiful coach. You’re one of the, you have the technology for inner wealth, one of the world’s best. So I write some things down in there that are really important to me.
02:58 Instruction, don’t forget to Be kind. Don’t forget to be gentle with yourself. Don’t forget to share some wisdom and give it away.
03:10 And don’t forget to reach out to the greater population of the world with the work you do. So that’s a really in important instructions.
03:17 Reward, Well done for the coaching. Yesterday you did eight sessions and they were fantastic. Five star. So we can put a little star against it.
03:27 Well done for monitoring your diet and getting a good night’s sleep and make keeping your aura ring happy with the performance.
03:35 So I’m increasing my performance on the aing well done for staying on budget, staying on progress with the number of people, the number of people who are listening to reading or being coached in the inner wealth work.
03:53 My dreams well done for growing that this month, again, for the third year in a row. Every month, the number of people listening to reading or being coached by inner wealth has grown, and that’s a great statistic.
04:11 Today’s the word I like to transform is intense intense because I did a podcast on the Clifftops and it was really intense and at the end of it I wondered to myself had I been too intense?
04:27 So I’m gonna put the nega word intense as negative for today, and I’m gonna put the opposite of that as a good smooth Pace for people.
04:39 So the opposite to me being intense was to go at a steady pace for people. Where have I done it?
04:46 Well, I list the initials of all the people who would say I’ve approached them with a smooth, steady pace any time in my life, but I could do it this month.
04:55 And I would list a, a series of initials of people where I’ve backed off and allowed them to work at their own pace rather than to push them.
05:05 And I haven’t been intense because they’ve been under stress or been challenged. So I list at least 20 initials in here, and then I go the drawback of a good smooth pace, which would be positive in someone’s eyes.
05:19 The drawback is I’m bored. I don’t turn up person doesn’t get the truth and they miss out on valuable time.
05:33 So I don’t really think I’m adding value when I do that. So that’s just relieved me of a little bit of nervousness about being too intense.
05:44 I’ve done it and I can, it’s not hard to find people in the world who say I’ve been a bit intense with them and challenge them a lot.
05:53 And the positive of being too intense is I’m, I’m me. People are volunteer to be, to be challenged. It cuts through ego because everybody got this sort of identity and they want, it’s really hard to crack through it sometimes, especially if they’re a should person and love, because I really do feel when I’m intense, I got a lot of love in my heart.
06:23 So, wow, that’s a nice little process for the day. Now I go down what is my Mount Everest? Can I imagine it?
06:30 And I imagine always two things about my Mount Everest. The first one is 1 million people fully subscribed and participating in, in a Wealth.
06:41 I visualize that every day and Carnegie Hall, a big presentation in front of thousands of people at in the evening on the universal Laws of nature and healing.
06:53 So that’s that’s my big Mount Everest. So using this image over here, the back on track process, you’ve been through that.
07:04 I go back over across to the chart and I go, Have I done a discard? Well, I just did with you then.
07:10 Have I done the cellular? Yes, I’ve walked up to Ben Butler and breathed the air deep and and had a, a swim in the ocean so far today.
07:18 Walk bare feet on the sand. I’ve taken a photograph of nature. I’ve shared that photograph on Instagram. I’ve done a few podcasts.
07:26 So yes, I’ve done that. Have, look, I’ve even got a shirt on today, so I’ve dressed up a little bit.
07:31 I’ve had a shave for the first time in a a while. And a little bit of a hair trim.
07:41 So, and yes, my desk, I cleaned it up earlier. So I’ve improved my environment, my values, I’ve just done it as you saw with my priorities.
07:52 I’ve certainly visualized my purpose and visualized my vision. So I’ve done that and the we’ve just done together. So I’m a hundred percent on target and the results are growth in the number of people who are being impacted by the work of inner wealth, the laws of balance and what have you.
08:13 Okay, let’s go over here. Now, did you remember to think vision, inspiration in the Seven Visions? Oh, boo, I didn’t do that yet.
08:21 So now I have the opportunity to say what is my vision, my spiritual vision, my mental vision? Because I did state my vision in a very co plain way.
08:30 I talked about Carnegie Hall and a thousand people, but there are seven other six other visions that I really need to remind myself of on a daily basis because I want to be balanced, balanced, balanced, balanced, balanced, balanced, balanced.
08:48 I don’t want to be using one area of life to balance another. I look across here and I see the creation formula.
08:55 And there is another thing that’s really important. What we forget is that we are in a, we are in a process of manifestation.
09:03 We’re playing micro gods. And so we are taking a thought, we’re making it into a purpose. We’re visualizing it, we’re feeling it, we’re affirming it, which is self-talk.
09:13 We’re feeling it, we’re putting it into written words, which is our goals. We have action on it, We’re putting energy into it.
09:20 We’re intense and inspired about it. We invest in it, whether if it is money or time, and we have gratitude for it, we’ve got.
09:28 So, yes, we’re on the way. Last but not least, an attitude of gratitude. My thank you is today, I would say thank you to creation, thank you to nature, thank you to the clients that I have, that I love so much.
09:41 Thank you to my partner. Thank you to the kids. Thank you for the food we’ve eaten today. Thank you for this beautiful electric table, my new office chair.
09:51 Thank you for the sun coming out for the people, for the neighbors and all the construction that’s going on. And so I can honestly say I can whoop up a massive storm of gratitude.
10:03 , I never find that really hard lucky fr is really important because I honestly think that’s the foundation of life. 10:10 And if you feel like you’re a lucky fk, you really are being grateful for what you’ve got and being grateful. 10:16 What, what you got means you’re bulletproof. Bulletproof, a hundred percent bulletproof. So I am so lucky because I have a family, I have my health, I have a spine, I have lungs, I have eyes, I have this computer, I have my iPad, I have a desk, I have a roof over my head. 10:37 I have hands to write this. I have feet I have a bum tooo with. So I could go on forever. 10:44 But I actually think and do take stock to, to a great degree on the fact that I feel like I’m a lucky fr and that underpins everything.
10:55 If I lose that feeling, I know something’s gone wrong at the end of the sheet. And I would do this form if I were you every single day.
11:03 And I would fill it out as rough as I have. It takes about five minutes to fill it out. Affirmations I usually go through and I go, Which one will I like to look?
11:12 You are, you’ll recognize some of these as some of the things I wish my dad taught me that we did in September.
11:19 But I might just go and go I move in the direction of my dominant thought. That’s the one I want to think about today.
11:26 And I would hum it. I would close my eyes and I go, I move in the direction of my dominant thought.
11:31 I move. So I own it. I get to feel it, I get embody it, I get to experience it. And from that position, I can just mo like integrate it in my day.
11:41 Maybe I make it my daily my d my daily mantra. Have a beautiful day. Any questions, bring them to coaching.
11:54 Bye for now.

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