Good morning. Good afternoon, wherever you are, this is Chris. And just for the day, I want you to imagine our Christmas tree.

It doesn’t mean that you have to believe in Christmas or you have to call it Christmas or you have to even celebrate Christmas, but just imagine a Christmas tree. It has big branches going out at the bottom and little branches going out at the top. If you can imagine that this Christmas tree with a star on the top, and presents at the bottom you have the perfect image you have the absolute perfect image of human consciousness.

Let’s talk about this shall we?

So, a Christmas tree has presents at the bottom.

Now, if those presents are there, in beautiful boxes and ready for you to snaffle and unwrap. They’re the equivalent to the temptations and the gifts and the presents we get from Santa the surprises, the fun, the joy, their happiness, this the unboxing the end, it’s called motivation, isn’t it because you just can’t wait to open up present and they’re at the very bottom of the tree.

And so what we can say is this is called one word – emotion. Now, the presents that are over on the left hand side of the tree, we’re going to call them presents from the past and the present that are over on the right hand of the tree. We’re going to call them presents from the future and the ones in the middle. We’re going to call them the presents in the present.

So I hope that is really clear under the tree are lots of presents. And we really want to open presence. That’s the temptation. We seek pleasure, avoid pain. We really really want this stuff we want to be happy, instantaneous gratification. Moaning groaning because we’re depressed or because we’re elated. We’re infatuated or resentful. We are attracted to things and resent things. We believe we are better than others or less than others. And we’ve got all these presents going on under the Christmas tree. Now if you go up the tree, there’s all these candles and all these pretty lights. But, boy, it’s tempting to go back down to the bottom of the tree, isn’t it because poor there’s nothing better than a good Christmas present under the tree. For those of us who believe in Christmas presents and trees and Christmas and the end of the year on all those things, you know, without the Jesus stuff going on. But anyway, bottom line is that there are presents under the tree and on the way up there are candles and lights and little sprinklers and sparklers and little pieces of foil going all the way up to the top of the tree. And right on the top of a tree. There’s a star, one star, just one. No two, just one that’s you. But that’s you without all the presents and now you got this dilemma right you’ve got presents down the bottom. You want to go and have a good shag or you want to go and get a bonus at work or buy a new car or dance around the maypole tree and have a backyard barbecue and you just want to do all this stuff. And yet and then there’s this other part of you wants to go to the top of the tree and look at the star because we’ll that’s supposed to be all spiritual and really good for you. Right?

So what are you gonna do?

Well, there are just so many presents, you’ll eventually open and close until you get sick of it. And then you go, you know what, I think I’ve got it all. So the only way you can get past the temptation to keep going down seeking to drink or party or earn money or be right or be wrong or have pleasure have no pain. All that stuff is to get over it. And the way you get over it is typically by doing a lot of it.

There’s a lot of people who start about halfway up the tree and with the should they they know that the presence and the indulgence and the self gratification that it comes along hand in hand with the presence at the bottom of the tree they also have mousetraps and snake bites and lizards and booties down the bottom and they’re afraid of all that stuff. So they go just a little bit up from the bottom so they can look at the presents but don’t have to admit they really want one and don’t tell anybody they watch porno. And so they get into the state of a little bit up the tree called should.

Now this should place means they don’t actually indulge in the present opening, but they watch people open presents and get their jollies out of that.

Then there’s another group that go a little bit up the tree a bit further. And these people believe that their emotions how they feel is the greatest way they can measure their life. And because they’ve been down the bottom of the tree they’ve overcooked the goose. They’ve opened too many of those chocolate boxes and or taken a few many too many of the vibrators and dildos out of the boxes and they’ve gone oh my goodness me I guess can’t do any more of that because that doesn’t lead me to where I want to go. And so they’ve come off the bottom rejected the so called morals and ethics of the organized religions and social norms and gone and got stuck in their feelings and these people are in a really wicked place because how they feel determines what they do. And that is no man’s land or no woman’s land if you don’t mind me saying. So the next place they go to is this pseudo spiritual place.

So a pseudo spiritual place is surrounded by halfway up the tree. It’s about by level if you’re looking at the tree, and so it’s pretty easy to say I’m getting what I want and I want what I get. And I’m going to have what I want and buggy all and so this this middle part of the tree this I want place is kind of like what’s called in control.

It’s certainly not an appetite to go down the bottom of the tree. It’s been there done that.

But it’s certainly not an appetite to go to the top so this person is caught between a rock and a hard place. They don’t want to be motivated by the lower end of this that of their humanity. But they also don’t want to be inspired by the upper end because they’re afraid of being alone. Because at the very top there’s only one star isn’t there. It’s really spooky. So this person gets left halfway up going well.

I don’t want to go down. I’ve been there done that. I don’t want to get myself into trouble. I don’t want to go through that pain. Again. I don’t want to go through another divorce. I don’t want to go through another heartache. I don’t want to go through another firing. I don’t want to be traumatized at work. I don’t want to be broke, but I don’t also want to be alone. I also don’t want to be self accountable. I still want to blame people. I still want to be halfway between the two and this is called Health

not health, health.

So this place halfway up the tree is where most people get kind of like stuck. They they know they don’t want to self indulge. They know want to don’t want to be narcissistic. They’d know they don’t want to be caught by their emotions in a need to place they know they want to be. They don’t want to be religiously and ethically moralistically bound up but they read the books about how good it is to be enlightened and how good it is to be quiet and peaceful they that con like so they don’t want it but they really do want it and so they get stuck.

The top of the tree is is a star. And in that star it’s very, very, very, very, very different. To the presence in the star. There’s nothing to change. Everything is cool. It’s really beautiful. It’s wonderful, but it’s not indulgent. And so to be at the star your catalogue got to see yourself as a vehicle for transmitting something from the world because that’s the star. You know, if there’s lightning gonna strike this Christmas tree, it’s going to hit the star at the top right? It’s not going to hit the presence. So lightnings going to strike that’s reception. That’s what you get from life and transmission comes out of the star doesn’t come out of the presence at the bottom. So this star is a receiving and broadcasting system. And to activate that receiving and Broadcasting System, you’ve got to have a reason for it bigger than the present at the bottom. And that’s what we call your value chain or what we call your life purpose or that’s what we call being of service to the world. And that’s why it’s so different to motivation, and it’s called inspiration. It’s so different to motivation, but boy, it’s really easy to get caught halfway and be not buying into the whole narcissism, inhalation in infatuation, resentment, self importance, it’s so easy to get caught halfway between knowing that’s wrong. And also not actually doing the things that keep you connected to the atmosphere keep you connected to the higher self. And that is, is a really bad place to go.

So just want to say that as a conclusion for today, and that if you are one of these people got caught halfway between you’re not split, you’re not spending the time being your old self. So you’ve elevated yourself out of hunting for Christmas presents and you know the superhero thing and hoping that your partner is going to be you know, cleaner than a whistle and continually blow smoke up your bum. Then you need to also know that if you don’t keep doing your homework and keep yourself connected to the higher self, which is through a lot of practices that we do your walk of chi and being in nature and taking photographs, and self talk and doing the Back on Track process which keeps you inspired, keeps you in a broadcasting and receiving system. You’re going to get caught halfway between and that is hell.

Not health.

No, not health.



This is Chris, you have a beautiful day. Bye for now.

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