Good morning. Good afternoon, wherever you are. I’m in Bondi. So we’re talking this month about strength, power, influence. So certainty, clarity. And for those of you who have a little bit sensitive with language, please block your ears. unfuckwithabillatee.

There is a book. I don’t often recommend books to people but there is a book called the code of the extraordinary mind. This guy is a seductress. He is an ex Malaysian businessman and now he’s become an American entrepreneur with properties and big farms and health retreats. And, you know, I’ve met a few people who’ve been there and his work does have an impact. unsustainable because it defies the universal laws, but it has an impact and it’s made a difference in some people’s not everybody’s but a few people’s lives. But the chapter I love in his book is the chapter on fuck unfuck with ability. unfuck with ability basically means when you say you’re going to do something, you’re going to do something, it doesn’t mean you’re going to do something with somebody.

You’re not going to be dependent on somebody you’re going to say, I’m going to do something and then everybody else comes along for the ride. There is there is no clear definition of the concept of unfuck with ability if you want to be fucked with which is his language. You include another person in your plan. You say, Me and Me and the missus are going to go and or me and the kids are going to go into debt. And as soon as you do that, you spread your Vegemite, really, really thin across the whole piece of toast. And instead of saying this is what I’m gonna do, and I’m going to invite other people to come with me on the journey. And he would say in this book, the code of the extraordinary mind that the cause of the difference between those who make it to the end of the journey, happy, healthy and well. And the difference between those and the ones who die of frustration is this topic, the inclusion or the exclusion of other people in your vision.

So let’s put that aside for the moment. You can either get the book or not get the book or just take what I’ve said or get the audio book or not get the audio book or buy a summary of the book or not buy a summary of a book. I would be cautious about going to visit Mind Valley, which is his health which is his so called come to Jesus place. Because I don’t really think you get much more than the book when you go there and I know people who’ve been there. So but that’s up to you. I just don’t like the idea of being fucked with and his teaching unfuck with ability and here he is telling you to come to his thing and be fact with the videos he has online a very mesmerizing and he knows the art of influence. And I think you can learn a lot from this teacher.

By the art of influence how he continually returns 2.0 Whenever he talks, he comes back to the point come back to the point come back to the point. And you don’t know much about him. So really, it’s it’s him him him him and him him him him so he represents himself exactly how his book explains he represents himself as an AI and I think this is something that we all need to learn that when you are working on yourself personal development it’s not we and we start for many people that I have coached and currently coach. We includes a spouse, it includes kids, it includes extended family addicts includes goodness me extended extended family. It includes our whole community of people and by the time you spread yourself out to this group and you go this is what I we asked them they are going to do or this is what I’m going to do as long as them they we ask approve. You end up so codependent on other people’s approval or participation. You become sort of like a clown.

I would say a clown is the closest thing that the clown has got to or a magician’s got to trick you into believing the left hand is not doing something while the right hand does something and you become one of these people that are just trying to mess up everybody into a shape that so you can get what you want. When I meet a powerful person or when I coach somebody who becomes powerful and that’s the majority of my clients.

If I say to them, draw me or Paint me a Picture of the future. They say I number one will be bang and I believe them. They they almost draw an image of how the future is going to look now. From time to time during 2022 I think it was around about August. I spent a month sharing podcasts about how to draw or paint a picture of your future on a wall in the form of a dream board.

And there were deny affirm, visualize, there were three single points of connection to that model, which is basically how to manifest you manifest up by by having clarity and power of mind on a single picture of the future. You then write it down you then chunk it down, you then express it down and then you come back to daily actions that will cause it. Now I know we all want to have fun.

We all want to go to parties. We all want to have great sex and we all want to have all these things, which includes participation of other people. The irony of the story, which is where I’m going to finish for today’s podcast is this. The more you want other people to participate in your picture in your story, the less attractive you become. Food for thought.

Chris You have a beautiful day. Bye for now.

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