Eliminate Mind Noise to Live with Spirit


Good morning. Good afternoon, wherever you happen to be.

Do you know what mind noise is?

Do you have any comprehension of what makes it up and how it happens, and why we strive so hard to get rid of my noise? Is it possible?

Firstly, to get rid of mind noise. In the science of sleep, they talk about white noise, black noise, brown noise, and all different colors of noise. White Noise is a sound that incorporates all the sounds. And that is, for example, the hum of a fan, the buzz of an air conditioner, maybe even music, there are some noises that are that embrace the full spectrum. And therefore allow you to sleep deeper white noise, there is black noise, which is absolute dead silence.

And I don’t know if you’ve been in a sense deprivation or noise deprivation tank. But inside that tank, it’s it is black silence. In contrast to all leads, there’s all colors, all put one by one. And when all the different colors that make up white noise are separated from themselves, they become sharp bang sharp clouds, sharp pulses, sharp notes, sharp individual pulsations in an octave of an orchestra music. And so for example, listening to an orchestra, you might hear one trumpet or one violin a little out of tune and bang, what you will hear is the Miss note or the blip. So my noise is actually the blip.

And what I’d love to do for this next month with you is work. And because we’re coming up to the start of February, what I’d love to do with you for the next month is work on the topic of mind noise, we need to set up our ambition, our ambition at the end of the month is to have a noise in our mind, like white noise or if we choose it in silence black noise, but to be able to go there at will. Now to trust your intuition, you must have white noise and other words the hum that’s inside your brain is a noise that allows you to hear the blip. The the trumpet that’s not playing right or the violin whose string is out of tune or, or whatever it happens to be in the orchestra, you can hear it, to hear it, you have to have a baseline. And that baseline we’re going to call white noise, white light white noise.

Let’s think about before we go forward, the things that make up mind noise, which is the rattling and the banging and the continuous thinking that we don’t want. So there is a thought we were agreeing on that at the beginning of this. This introduction, we agree that there is a noise in our mind that we want. And there is a noise, which is called Mind noise in our mind that we don’t want. So we’re all in agreement that there are noises we don’t let’s look at what we don’t want and go through the process over the next month of dealing with all the noises we don’t want. So that we can be left with the noises we do want.

Now if you take any one of these noises that I’m about to introduce to you and go binary on it and there is infinite numbers of internet and books and YouTubes and whatever available for you free to talk about how to eliminate each one of these. The when you eliminate a noise you make another noise which starts another journey because let’s take the first On, if we eliminate certainty and replace it with certainty, do we eliminate certainty? Or do we make the noise of uncertainty, more aggravating. So what is the midpoint between uncertainty and certainty where there is no noise and our intuition is fully fully awake and alive. So let’s go through the qualities that make that mind noise that we’re talking about in our brain. That makes it really hard to enjoy the day we’re living.

Let’s go through them.

  • uncertainty
  • confusion
  • doubt
  • anger
  • emotion
  • especially negative worry
  • anxiety
  • regret
  • frustration
  • overwhelm
  • reaction
  • self hate
  • judgment
  • sadness
  • envy
  • fear
  • guilt
  • self criticism
  • Loss
  • Grief.

So they’re the ones that I’ve come up with that I believe are the source of what’s called my noise. Any one of those creates a noise in our brain that makes it hard to be happy. That makes it hard to be inspired. And definitely makes it impossible to be intuitive. The silver bullet solution for all of these is meditation. But meditation is brilliant. If you want to have a period of time, where you don’t have mind noise, you can have an hour of it or half an hour of meditation, where you can fill your mind with a different noise. And the trouble is, you can’t meditate all day. And the question I would have is what is immobile meditation? What can you do all day, every day all the time to keep yourself in a state that doesn’t have mind noise, you know, you are not in control of your life.

When you have my noise, you know that you are absolutely disempowered. When you have my noise, you know that you won’t make the best decisions in your life when you have my noise. And you know, that your health because mind and body are connected, your know your health is being negatively affected when there is my noise. And this mind noise is very disruptive, because it gets in the way of some of the most important things that you might aspire to in your life.

So I’m going to go through these over the next 30 days during February. And you exclusively because you are a paid client working with me will have access to the material and the process and the solution and I strongly recommend that you follow through for the month and bring anything that you don’t understand and doesn’t quite resonate with you. You bring it to your coaching session.

This is Chris You have a beautiful day now.


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