I would say if you try to practice one of the laws of nature, independent to all the others, like balance or gratitude or even vision setting independent to all the rest, that’s like climbing out on a limb of the tree and wondering what the cracking sound is going to be. 

There’s also an amazing contradiction between each of the laws of nature.

Although they work hand in hand, taken independently, they contradict each other. For example, the law of the one and the many, which is the fifth law, which is law of hierarchy as I call it, and then again the law of vibration. 

It can seem that having a fixed vision and a clear purpose is about all it takes to obey the fifth law but the fourth law says it’s all about thought process that go hand in hand with the vision and inspiration. 

And it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a good vision or a purpose, if your thought process is clumsy. You’re going to end up in trouble because the law of vibration talks about power of attraction so it’s about how to use all the laws at once.

When I’ve distilled this knowledge of the universal laws, I don’t mean to imply by the distillation of them, that they are dumbed down. 

They are actually incredibly sophisticated. 

There have been the genius of people like Socrates and Pythagoras and Plato. 

They’ve been the study of many a great person, many of them who were burned at the stake or crucified in the times of early religion, because it seemed like they were trying to argue against the concept of a dictatorial and all powerful God. 

And so you can understand that there can be some innate conflict between the belief systems you have and the values that you have. For example: If your values search for fulfilment and all the things that are real, and your beliefs are that this is selfish and you should give other people fulfilment in order for them to love you. There’s a disharmony between your values and your beliefs.

Beliefs have been constructed out of the things we’ve learned and experienced and been told. 

Quite often there’s an argument between values and beliefs and we seek a lot of people to reinforce those beliefs so that the beliefs stand tall against the values.

But  values are your true nature.

And I think it’s this this disconnection is getting worse and worse. 

So the search for the soul, the search for truth, is becoming more and more important. Especially in relationships and leadership.

So it becomes important for us to know what to trust. Our beliefs or our values?

And then between the laws of nature and our beliefs.

This clarification will have an immediate and visible impact on your life and your interactions with other people.

Lining up your beliefs and your values means you become inspired.

Remembering that the person who is inspired at work is also living consciously at home.

They come home and change their clothes but who they are beneath those clothes is exactly the same inspired person in spite of being different characters at work and at home or with friends or as a parent. 

Now, this, for example, is in complete contrast to the person who’s masking.

 Masking means they go to work and they judge themselves for being one person at work and criticise their boss and clients and then they come home and change their clothes and they criticise themselves for not being who they want to be at home. 

This negative mindset is so dangerous.

And therefore they’re not really living in a state of consciousness. 

They’re living in a state of polarity trying to demonstrate effective performance of work but critical of others and themselves and then come home and try to demonstrate love at home. 

This self and other critical person is in a battle within themselves. 

I’m going to advocate the ability to morph and be any character you want to be in the world as Shakespeare called it, without criticism of it. 

That’s consciousness.

I’m also saying that beneath all those characters, there is a unity because there is no sense of permanent self. You become formless. 

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