The Chocolate Teapot

So we talk about inspire thinking and we talk about aligning that inspired thinking with our work and with our relationship. 

Sometimes we prefer to remain peacefully asleep at the wheel of our life. 

But things come up and eventually we have to face the music. So perhaps you want to become fully inspired in your life. 

And maybe the conflict between that and what other people think you should be and shouldn’t be, you know, escaping the daily grind and the concept of taking a risk to step outside. 

What you know as the comfortable zone is haunting you a little bit. 

Maybe you’re just tired of finding yourself the victim of other people’s games and being tossed around around by power-plays at work that you don’t realise are happening until it’s too late. 

But whatever your situation, there’s a lot of knowledge to sift through in finding a solution. 

And there’s a lot of psychology and insults and insights hanging around the world for you to sort through to sort out your questions. 

Like what is inspiration and do you really want it? 

There are five universal laws and there are 000s of laws that come from those laws and there are 000s of aspects of life. 

So to embrace this might feel like you have to have a radical overhaul of everything that’s going on. 

It can seem from time to time overwhelming, impractical or just impossible to put those laws into practice. 

And so you you you take the coaching you take the innerwealth work you’ve done, you take everything, put it back on the shelf and you go, I wonder if there’s an easy way and I respect that because I probably did that myself. 

You have to choose the right time and space and you have to be able to use the laws well. So when we talk about the sharpened sword of knowledge, it’s great to sharpen your sword but you have to be mature and wise enough to know how and when to use it.

Absence from reality is one way people try to deal with the challenges of life. 

They try to step back away from them. 

And that’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot. 

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