There is allot of talk at the present, time about identification. Identifying as a pronoun, identifying as a he/she it them they those etc. Diversity has become a huge topic and justifiably so.

But I suspect we are barking up the wrong tree when it comes to mental health using pronouns to define ourselves. To be a happy, successful, loving kind, powerful individual is not about self identification. In fact, much of a mental health struggle comes from it.

Anybody, who has achieved anything in this world has had enough mental health to do something great, albeit unusual and unconventional mental health. Therefore, trying to create an identity to solidify an unusual state of mind is probably going to cause the opposite to what people think. Locking them into a self definition in which there is just another claustrophobic definition of mental health.

The idea of identifying with something a person wants to I create. Seems to be a more healthy approach. For example, you might say I want to be a game changer. A game changer. Is it person who sees any situation as an opportunity for improvement, especially interpersonally. And so this person who is a game changer mat look at either social or commercial environments that need to be improved and see opportunity. A game changer does not necessarily have to be in poverty. Many of the apps that have been created and made their owners. Billionaires are game changers.

You can also aspire to greatness, but not necessarily for their own benefit. A game changer can be a comedian who wants to make people laugh at themselves. The key here is identifying with a craft, rather than identifying with a label, a pigeonhole, a claustrophobic self definition. In the ambition to break away from convention, those who have invented the idea of self identification. Pronouns have actually created more pigeonholes than ever before.

Being a game changer means that you want to influence the world in a positive way, and choose the craft or the environment where you want that to happen. This is a sort of version of a purpose greater than ourselves, which we all know leads to the ultimate realisation of happiness. People who try to improve their personal life, in order to find happiness, just get on a treadmill of self and other criticism.

I personally have found that having a craft that I wish to utilise as a game changer in the world has got me through much of the ups and downs of life. In the downtimes, it gives me hope and positive energy. In the uptimes, it takes away, self fulfilment as a mission, and therefore I don’t get distracted by side tracks.

Where are you are 15 years old for 55 years, and you certainly do want to make an impact on the environment you live in. This doesn’t necessarily mean only your Homelife, but it could mean global warming. Could mean your business, or it could mean socially. Whatever it is, it leads to a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that cannot be achieved by controlling the human condition with a pronoun.

I love the idea of the language of GameChanger.

If you apply this to anybody, you have witnessed or read about in the history of the planet and recognise the those that have left a mark on the planet were actually game changes. They made an effort to change the game, whether it be sport or business or poetry or art. And it was never accidental. Each person you will recognise in the history of the planet who left a mark made the effort to become a game changer at quite some personal cost in the first instance and the rewards for doing it came later. This is something we can teach our children and advocate for at work.

Becoming a game changer.

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