Soulful work life

I love poetry. And few are better than singer, actor, songwriter, Nick Cave. When a fan asks Nick Cave how he muffles all of his influences in order to hear his own inner voice and trust that he is making something wholly his own, he answers with his characteristic poetics of numinous pragmatism: Nothing you…… Continue reading Soulful work life

Motivation versus Inspiration

At some point in our life we decide or have decided for us that motivation must evolve into inspiration. They both do a great job the only question is how high can they take us? From a very early age we learn the art of motivation: that is to determine whether what we are about…… Continue reading Motivation versus Inspiration


The power of auto suggestion tells us that we develop a sense of magnetic faith or trust toward all the universal forces of good if we repeat to ourselves magnetic statements that hold their power. These statements are specifically designed to be repeated at night just before bed however they can be repeated any time…… Continue reading THE VALUE OF AUTO SUGGESTION


SHE DIED AND…. At that moment, there were 3,​147,​740,​103,​497,​276,​498,​750,​208,​327 atoms in her body. Of her total mass, 63.7 percent was oxygen, 21.0 percent carbon, 10.1 percent hydrogen, 2.6 percent nitrogen, 1.4 percent calcium, 1.1 percent phosphorous, plus a smattering of the ninety-odd other chemical elements created in stars. In the cremation, her water evaporated. Her carbon…… Continue reading A BEAUTIFUL MEDITATION ON LIFE AND DEATH


The quality of your life is based on the quality of the questions you ask. A quality question is one that will bring balance to your perception and equilibrate your mind. Your intuition is attempting to bring to your awareness, the other ignored half of the human condition, so as to balance your perception.  What…… Continue reading WITHOUT LIMITS AUDIO VERSION

Innerwealth Coaching: how to get the most out of it.

Coaching supports and challenges you. This is a key. It supports you when you’re challenged and challenges you when you’re supported. You evolve and stay relevant in your work and home life only if you evolve at the border of support and challenge. Therefore, coaching is a great evolving process. If you meet with people…… Continue reading Innerwealth Coaching: how to get the most out of it.


Disharmony and exhaustion occurs when vital energy is thrown away by the erratic action of the nervous system. Emotion, stress and nervous tension are the greatest leakage of personal life force known to mankind. No physician, no medicine, no drugs, pills or electric treatments have been able to stop leakage of personal life force and…… Continue reading LIVING CONSCIOUSLY


Many years ago, especially in Indigenous communities, people were in tune with nature. Nature’s harmony and the human happiness were considered one. What happened outside of us, happened within. But now, with time and technology, we have lost touch. Concrete has replaced trees, paint has replaced grass and billboards advise us rather than the deeper…… Continue reading THE NATURE OF YOU


Great Work – Heart Work – Not Hard Work – With Just the Right Amount of Everything Your heart is the core of your deepest humanity. When we have finished exploring intellect and attending ceremonies, when we are exhausted trying to change the unchangeable, then we come to rest in our heart. In this place…… Continue reading LEADERSHIP FROM THE HEART

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Phase 1. Moving from Motivation to Inspiration – Introduction to Coaching Back on Track Challenge The mind is a muscle. There are seven important mind muscles. The graphic below illustrates it perfectly. Over time we may become quite muscle bound in some areas of the mind because we’ve been under stress or pressure. We get…… Continue reading 3 STEPS TO SELF AWARENESS

Resilience – The Power Hour

Resilience is a gift, but if it means just fighting off trouble, it is an automatic problem. Like “saving for a rainy day” has an expectation built into it. If you are not perfect already how will you ever be perfect? The habit of chasing is also the habit of causing, expecting and measuring. Nothing…… Continue reading Resilience – The Power Hour

Outdoor Life Coaching Because People are Different in Nature.

I take my clients to Nepal for coaching, but not everyone has the time. So we go sailing, bike riding, walking, swimming, fishing, kayaking and more. Getting people outdoors for life coaching is unique and important. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life can be done in a park or a river,…… Continue reading Outdoor Life Coaching Because People are Different in Nature.


Whether you are mountain climbing, playing with the children, running a triathlon or doing the gardening at home, Self-Leadership at work and outside work is the same. The better you are at it, the more you’ll get done and in less time. To ask “how do I get more done in less time” is an…… Continue reading Self-Leadership


When my father came back from the war, he got a job for about $4 a week. (in those days it was quite good pay). He put $1 a week into an insurance policy for us three kids just in case something went wrong. It did go wrong. And when we turned eighteen years old,…… Continue reading DO YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WORK AND WEALTH CREATION


STAYING BALANCED AFTER COVID You will need to Stay Focused be more present, do what you Love. Inspire others. Grow your skills to answer life’s questions.Provide a daily reality checkdevelop more certainty, personal balance and vision.Aim to improve quality of your life. You’ll need to demonstrate: Three core ingredients of all great leaders Wisdom, Power…… Continue reading KEEPING YOUR BALANCE AFTER COVID

The Nature of Things ~ Is it You or Your Ego? Speaking, Thinking, Deciding, Choosing Well.

When you fart your body is releasing gas it doesn’t want. It only has two choices, up or down. That’s the nature of things. Depression, poor performance, lacking motivation, mental health and physical health all fall into the same category. The Nature of Things. You are definitely not “what you think” that’s just your ego…… Continue reading The Nature of Things ~ Is it You or Your Ego? Speaking, Thinking, Deciding, Choosing Well.

Self-Sabotage – Not as Rare as you might think…

You watch an ant on the dining table. It will go down the leg of the table, cross the kitchen floor, climb up a vertical wall, crawl across the bench top to get to a drop of honey you accidentally missed when you cleaned the kitchen this morning. In equivalent terms, this is like one…… Continue reading Self-Sabotage – Not as Rare as you might think…


Living enlightened in the real world, means to find your centre. To hold that centre no matter whether you are thinking in the head or feeling in the heart, the centre stays strong. That means achieving great inspiration but still having a firm grip on reality, grounded. That centre is never missing.  For the centred…… Continue reading ENLIGHTENMENT IN THE REAL WORLD – INNERWEALTH COACHING – BALANCED, CENTRED AND CALM