100 Things I wish my Dad Taught me. Episode 22. “Everything serves even if at first you don’t see it.”

Today I added a video for you and once again, the audio is the transcript of the video which is the transcript of an audio. Good luck with that. I’d suggest for this episode to either watch the video or, I’ll put the direct audio from the video here in the podcast.

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Good morning. Good afternoon, wherever you are. This is Chris. And today we have three things once again, to talk about in regard to self-leadership they are balanced mind, which is a really important aspect of thought centered body and quite for calm spirit, the nervous system, these three things add up to what I would think to be the three fundamental foundations of good leadership.

So there are five types of thinking. There’s the terrorist thinking got to robotic there’s activists, righteous, religious there’s emotional, just coat the world in leather rather than wear shoes. The narcissist me, me, me, me and I, and the realist, which is what we’re talking about here inspired by nature, being real, being, bringing the whole of you holistically to your workplace and loving your work.

So let’s just see how nature teaches the same things. Nature and humans grow at the border of support and challenge, hence balance in the worst soil. The most powerful grains must grow. And other words stay centered. Greener grass is only green because of the fertilizer. You can’t see again, leading to the lore of balance and nature destroys anything that doesn’t fulfill its purpose, calm spirit.

Let’s keep going with this and look at these three ideas for growth, a balanced mind, ascended body, and a calm, nervous system.

Let’s look at the first one. Now a balanced mind is associated with the pyramid of consciousness. Meaning an unbalanced mind is a terrorist and we go through those five different thinking processes. You’ll see that the lowest, the most foundational is the most emotional. So extreme emotion is associated with extreme imbalance in the mind. And that extreme imbalance in the mind is the cause of all human suffering.

The next one we go to is to realize that a bent body, which has bent sideways forward back a bent body, misaligned feet, eating unconsciously, and all the things that are associated with body wellness can lead to mental disturbance because the mind and the body are all interconnected.

The third one is your spirit is your nervous system. Now people give fancy names to the spirit thinking at something higher and flying around in the ears like angels. But in actual fact, your spirit and your nervous system is one topic. If you have a shaky hand or a trembling stressful nervous system, you’re in trouble.

The recommendation here is the balanced centered and calm is the only way to live. And like going down a river, you practice and practice and practice when you’re going down that river, when it’s all calm and the trees are green and the water is blue and it’s all beautiful.

You practice balance centered and calm. But the reality is life is more like a train wreck, a train ride. It’s going so fast. And that’s why we practice between performances. Performances is the train ride. The really hard dreaming, big thinking, big doing your work ultimately leads to this really powerful awareness of balanced, centered and calm equals the truth.

This is Chris.

You have a beautiful day.

Bye for now.

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