100 Things I wish my Dad Taught Me. Episode 24. “Inspired dreams are the driving force of inspired action.”

100 Things I wish my Dad Taught Me. Episode 24. “Inspired dreams are the driving force of inspired action.”

When the why is big enough the how’s take care of themselves. This is a known fact about inspired dreams and inspired actions.

So, what stops a person finding a big enough why?

Well the answer is often guilt at the discomfort they feel about the reactions and affect of their dreams on others. Especially domestic.

So, this video, also available on my vimeo account will explain how to deal with forgiving yourself, getting beyond guilt.


Here is the video Transcript

Good morning. Good afternoon, wherever you are. This is Chris. And today we’re going to go over the phase. One of the three things we did, the three steps of success, which is forgive yourself, no guilt.
You remember this video from the other day, the second one is developed a thick skin. And the third one is, as you will know, reject praise except applause.

So we’re going to go through each of them in separate videos. But today we want to go through the primary one.

The first one robbed the three steps to success, which is, as we know, forgive yourself, get a thick skin, reject praise and today, forgive yourself.

So why is this such a big topic? Well, stuff happens as a leader. It’s a lonely, lonely, lonely life to be a good leader.

And there are things you have to do as a leader, which are not pleasant. And we’re going to go over today.

How to deal with yourself, how to deal, how to put your head on a pillow at night, knowing that you’ve done something that’s, that’s not being good for everybody and not being good for all people, a person who’s trying to be nice to.

Everybody ends up doing nothing. And so people are not always going to like you and negatively impacting people is just part of life.

I think Edison said I’ve not failed. I’ve just found a thousand ways that didn’t work. And I think this is really important for us to realize at the start of this conversation, the printing press the electric life and antibiotics are considered three of the most important inventions that have ever been on earth.

But the printing press also now produces pornography. It produces the internet. It produces iPads. The electric light kept people up at night and last night antibiotics.

The reason we’re struggling with global warming is because antibiotics, preserves life. And we have a lot of people. What I think is really important to start within this conversation is that there are no bad decisions.

They’re just bad intentions. And I think getting your intention clear, knowing what your intention is, becomes the single most important thing in forgiving yourself.

If your intention is clear, for example, your intent is to build a good family or your intent is to make the business more profitable.

Or your intent is to create a global brand. If your intention is clear and not personal, then the consequences of hurt and pain and suffering are not yours to own.

So we asked the question, what’s the benefit of pain. And if I were in your shoes and I’ve done it for myself, I’ve listed out a thousand things that are the benefits of pain, and I have to apply them to my own life.

If I’m a pleasure seeker, I’m a pleasure giver. And if I’m a pleasure seeker and a pleasure giver, I’m not a leader.

And so understanding pain in your own life is not a punishment by God or a reflection of something bad. We evolve with the border of support and challenge, and we need to practice this between performances, even sitting by a beautiful river, sitting by a beautiful strength, you’re going to see support and challenge.

So the key here is to challenge people, not to bully them. We say, got to is bullying should, is bullying need to, is bullying.

I want, I want, I want is bullying people, engaging people in a conversation that reveals that you would love them to do something, or you’re choosing this for the benefit of the business, gives the other person a chance to buy in and getting buy-in is a really critical component.

So that’s it for today.

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