100 Things I wish My Dad Taught Me. Episode 25. “When you follow your inspired dreams you attract the people places things and ideas to support you.”

This episode, bought to you by Cadburys Chocolate is: “When you follow your inspired dreams you attract the people places things and ideas to support you.”

As a coach, my job is 99% about helping people follow their inspired dreams. And that too was my Dad’s gift. He however, was dealing with dreams he couldn’t comprehend so it was more hands off than it would have been if I’d said, “I want to own a used car business.” A business he understood. But there was one thing for sure, my Dad knew, inspired dreams were important and present in all people. That’s the art of salesmanship. To find the dream and link your product to it.

My Dad did training in sales. He was always improving himself. Those days, the more lever arch folders with plastic printed cover a course had, the more important it was. Dad had hundreds. All in old tea chests, somewhere in our under the house cellar. Nicely labelled. In those sales journals there was gold. I read every one of them as a teenager and loved the teachings about how to handle complaints or how to ask open ended questions. I loved those big folders and learnt so much.

Interesting that I didn’t graduate high school, was threatened with expulsion so often and here I was in a dusty spider infested cellar mouldy and dirty, reading books. But I loved those books so much and learnt everything quickly.

What’s the difference here. Why fail at school and be a genius in the underground cellar. The answer? Interest.

If we link what we are doing to what we want or love to be doing we rise in genius. We use different parts of the brain and we automatically remember things. Why? Because they make doing what we love better.

Well it’s 100% the same with people. If you are speaking with someone who you can link to doing what you love, your inspired dreams, they become memorable, you become a genius and the whole thing goes to a different level. They know it. You know it. Everyone knows it. You remember them, you remember what they say, you like them, they like you. Because you are using a different part of your brain. The Corpus callosum. I recommend wikipedia to find out more about this part of the brain, but we can simply call it, LOVE TO – INSPIRED PART.

When we operate in this Corpus callosum we are in the most evolved part of the mind. We are a super power. And how we get to that part, for example it is the target of all meditation, is not so complicated. It is extreme interest.

I opposition to the Corpus callosum is the basal Ganglia and spinal chord, all of which exist in apes. These unevoloved parts of the brain are highly engaged when we are elated, hyper active, anxiety, stressed and depressed. Have a banana might therefore be a perfect diet for those who choose those thought levels. The monkey mind.

You can google monkey mind in sport and mindfulness. Try also google on the same topic the author Jon Kabat-Zinn, he’s pretty cool on the monkey mind.

Rather than monkey mind, I refer to this claustrophobic level of thinking as GOT TO AND SHOULD DO. The most un evolved levels of the human brain. Lower than a monkey. More like a slug, a frog, a tadpole or a rattle snake. These lower, unevolved levels are, in fact, computer chips. They have on or off. Zero and ONE. There is no grey in the un-evolved parts of our brain. Fight or flight. All or nothing. Right or wrong. Pleasure or pain. And you’ll find many an institution that serves to hold people in that part of their mind. Fanatical footy fans, and terrorists, organised fire and brimstone religions and of course, alcoholics.

As a seventeen year old, I who was desperately wanting my first real sex with somebody’s body rather than my palm, I decided to align with a mate who, previously I’d taught to steal cars, but who had since turned to Jesus and had lots of romantic sex with a sequence of church going girls. I was very interested. And so, I went to a Billy Graham crusade at the Myer music bowl in Melbourne. Here I joined thousands of others singing hymns while looking at hers. That was a joke. Anyway, he engaged the monkey mind, got me chewing bananas and I signed a lifelong commitment to follow Jesus and Billy Graham while giving money to both. My mate and I got driven home by a nice lady from the event and I had my first sex with her in the back of her car. Praise the lord. I was really saved. And anointed. Again and Again. I think she was too. But I doubt that was my primary focus. Monkey man was born again. The Jesus thing didn’t last long. I read the last page of the bible and it all turns out ok no matter what you do. And when I found out that all the people Jesus healed in the bible stories, died. I was even less interested.

So, when we are interested in something we become interesting. The more interested we are, genuinely interested, the higher the level of brain we engage. But what do we mean by interest?

To engage the highest levels of the mind, to tap your genius it must be an interest in something beyond the intellect. Intellect is higher than the monkey, but way lower than the genius. First, interest in this context means, not self benefit. Interest in something bigger than ourselves. A sense of purpose greater than self. Second, there will be instantaneous gratification in the immediate short term, that’s the WOW factor when you are doing it, but there must be a sense of service to a higher motive in the long term.

In coaching, link it or sink it.

Let’s just repeat this IN WALKER TALK.


So, whether you know your purpose in life or not, when you are doing something that fulfils your purpose you’ll know it very clearly by the following three signs.

  1. You are still breathing
  2. Your heart is still beating
  3. You are listening to or reading this.

With Spirit


That’s the end of this episode. 25. “When you follow your inspired dreams you attract the people places things and ideas to support you.”

Thank you

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