100 Things I wish my Dad Taught Me. Episode 30. “Steadiness poise and inner calm are signs of clarity in direction.” VIDEO INCLUDED

So today, Episode 30. “Steadiness poise and inner calm are signs of clarity in direction.” is bought to you by Universal Laws of Nature number 5. The One and the Many.

All human eyes are turned to the future. When something happens at work such as you feeling overwhelmed or feeling like a loser or making a mistake what it does in fact is it blind you to the future. When a human being becomes blinded to the future they become automatically depressed. This depression is overwhelming and causes them to become even more blind to the future. There are many solutions to this problem one of which I advocate and there are thousands of others. My solution involves self leadership.

Self leadership means knowing where you are going and how to get their independent of people places and things around you. In other words self reliance. Self-reliance is not complete independence. We are forever dependent on others for the manifestation of our dreams. However, when others can influence our certainty of the future we are setting ourselves up for failure.

So I’m going to include a video number three of the latest series of three steps to success which is about rejecting false praise. You will find that video and the transcript below.

Before I do that I will reiterate the nine bullet points that I think are critical for self leadership.

  1. A purpose greater than self (social contribution and service)
  2. Goals that do not include the names or how to’s of others … “I will …..”
  3. Forgive yourself for the hard decisions like saying NO by focussing purely on your intent.
  4. Know yourself – and develop the thick skin so business relationships are friendly but not friends (you don’t take opinions personally.
  5. Know others – understand what makes people tick.
  6. Be able to rise above the chaos. Universal laws.
  7. Mechanise and rehearse your self-talk so that it’s a preventative mechanism.
  8. Be self aware by keeping your finger on your pulse and noticing red flags in your life.
  9. Prioritise – organise, supervise and deputise … work on your highest priorities. Build your self-worth.

So, here is the video and the transcript.



Get a and welcome back three steps to success. Remember, forgive yourself, get a thick skin and inject false price. Do you remember we’ve been through them.
The first one is to talk specifically to you about forgive yourself. So you’re going to be tough. There’s things going to happen in business.
You need to get a thick skin and other words know yourself really well. And the third is to reject false praise.
And we’re going to talk about that today in today’s little video, I hope you enjoy it. Please give me feedback.
If you don’t so reject pulse price, let’s talk about this together. We can sit mañana by a Creek and we don’t have to worry about false praise.
We don’t have to worry about personal development. Life goes slow. We can go slow. But the reality is we’re going at a million miles per hour.
We’re going at full speed and we don’t want to bully people. We don’t want to bully ourselves for that matter.
We really want to live in an authentic way. And that’s what these three steps of success are all about. We don’t want to certainly end up in the ghostly environment where we’ve entered into this world of being guilty, not knowing ourselves very well and accepting false praise.
I love this slide. Let’s talk about praise as if it’s a crab. Hello? How are you today? I’m Mr. Crab.
I’m I’m false praise. I’m going to give you all the compliments you could ever ask for. I’m going to give them to you free.
I’m going to tell you how wonderful you are, and I’m going to tell you more and more. I’m going to tell you so much about how I like you and how fantastic you are, what an amazing human being you are.
And you’re going to feel like you’re on a sunny beach, but all of a sudden, you’re going to start running away from me because I’m going to start smothering you with attention.
And I’m going to start giving you all the support you’ve ever asked for. And by the way, I need something in return.
I need you to comply with my expectations, and this is the problem with false praise. It comes with a hook at the end of the day, when you get false praise, it becomes really hard because you become addicted to what people think and you want to do what you would love to do.
You want to search for your dreams and what people think, what they praise you for is very rarely what you really love to do.
And so you become smaller and smaller. You become confused. You’re looking for opportunities, but they skim past. While you think to yourself, what will people think?
What will people think about me? And so you end up people pleasing. Now Walker’s law is you please others and ps yourself off, or please yourself and ps others off.
When you please others to get ahead, you’re basically banging your head against a brick wall. And if you think about this, a lot of people do it and they do it and they do it.
And they do it thinking that the path to success is pleasing others. When you start telling yourself that you’re a hero, when you start rewarding yourself, when your self-talk starts to be complimentary to you, when you can really, really recognize the magnificence of who you are and therefore not need praise from people.
If people said to me, I’m a dd, I go, I know I already know that. And I know the benefit.
If people say to me, I’m a genius. I go, I know I’m already. I don’t want to need other people to give me the praise that gives me the opportunity to serve the world and do the work.
I recognize pleasing others. In other words, serving others is very important, but re remuneration reward. I must reward myself first.
That’s the duty. This is Chris. You have a beautiful day. Bye for now.

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