100 Things I wish My Dad Taught me. Episode 32. “Whatever you judge is stopping you, is running you.”

Today’s episode of 100 things I wish my Dad taught me, I bought to you by the second law of nature. Evolve-ya-bastard. “Whatever you judge is stopping you, is running you.” 

The words, Good and bad, are hard wired into your DNA. Therefore, you can’t escape judgment. Nothing you can do can help you escape judgement. I remember being in a Zen retreat and I had a deep penetrating moment of realisation on day two and had to sit on it for the next 19 days to share it with the Master. When I was finally allowed to speak I said “detachment” I fully understand it. Letting go. Release judgement.

The master laughed. He said. Now your greatest problem is your attachment to detachment.


Back to square one.

We judge right and wrong and therefore cross the road safely. We judge safe and unsafe and therefore prevent ourselves being attacked or robbed. We judge good and bad and therefore know which banana is healthy or not. Judgement is, at the end of the day, supreme in the world of the spiritual neanderthal.

But you might ask, then why would some dummy write ““Whatever you judge is stopping you, is running you.” 

Well, judgements also play a role in vision setting, human communication, self respect, marriage, child parenting, alcohol consumption and longevity. Judgements also play a role in success in business and leadership.

So, at some level, judgements become our personality, our identity. We present to the world the person we say we are based on what we judge. This is called identity. Therefore, this identity, or in more aggressive language, our ego, can become quite important, and at the same time, quite the difference between our spiritual core, self respect, and mental health. For example, the judgements that cause our ego, are very often wrong. Those judgements form our opinions. The more opinionated we are, the more the ego is fixated on its judgements. The more the ego is fixated on its judgements of being right or wrong, the more of a spiritual neanderthal we are.

There are a series of steps we put in place at Innerwealth to make sure these judgements do not become stuck, rigid, closed, un-evolved, ignorant opinionated righteousness. I’ll list them:

  1. We have a purpose greater than self. This means our motive is never righteous.
  2. We seek to see balance in all things. This means our opinions are nullified and we evolve our thoughts.
  3. We don’t subscribe to a particular belief system. This means we follow nature’s universal laws and stay above trendy thinking.
  4. We see red flags in our stress, anxiety and worry. This means our mind does not take control of our vision, inspiration or purpose.
  5. We look in the mirror allot, straight in our eyes. This means we do not blame others or play victim.
  6. We accept that nobody treats us better or worse than we treat ourselves. This means we raise our self-worth, self-love, in order to raise our health, wealth, career and love from others.
  7. We know there can’t be a bad without a good. This means we have enormous resilience and are completely adaptable.
  8. We master all seven areas of life. This means we are proactive in life, preventative, not curative and therefore waste less of life.
  9. We rise spirituality as the cure all. This means, when something goes wrong, mentally or physically, healthy or financially, we solve it by using self-awareness based on the greatest teachings of all time, the Universal laws of nature.

Now lets talk about your judgements running you.

f there is one single law of the universe, law of nature, that is available to everyone for spiritual growth, it is the law of balance. All stories, emotions, feelings and judgements come from this one law, or more importantly, an argument with this law.

All emotion is lopsided perception. All stress is lopsided perception. All anxiety is lopsided perception. All stories are lopsided perception. All marketing is lopsided perception. Romance is lopsided perception. All entertainment, grief, sorrow, pain, emotion, suicide, pleasure and fun come from lopsided perception. And in the universe and nature there is no lopsidedness. Our ego, and to the degree to which is has become calcified, in rigidly holding onto lopsided perception, can enter a loser fight with nature. Nature wins. Every time.

  • If you are attracted to something … it’s bull shit.
  • if you are repelled from something … it’s bull shit.
  • If you like something … it’s bull shit.
  • If you dislike someone … it’s bull shit.
  • If you feel emotionally down … it’s bull shit.
  • If you feel emotionally high … it’s bull shit.

You choose to live bull shit, up in your head, with judgements and emotions, nobody is going to sort that out. You can go from one bull shit to another bull shit and say, my bull shit is better than your bull shit. That might be good for some poor people but not for me. I’m always looking out for my bull shit so I can balance it.

Un balanced, imbalanced thinking is the cause of all human judgement and nothing in the entire universe is out of balance. Sometimes we see out of balance events like an accident and that really challenges our idea around balance, ie, seeing the benefit. But it is there, we are just unable to see it until 10 or 20 years later. And in those 10 or 20 years we waste allot of time reacting to bull shit. Do you want to live your life reacting to bull shit or in truth?

For example, a guy told me a story about his wife being bought up as a child in a freedom environment and because of that, she’s got emotional problems. No I say. Stop telling yourself bull shit. Your wife chooses to tell the story of her childhood as an out of balance story and based on that out of balance story she definitely has out of balance thinking called emotion. It can all be solved if she really examines the truth of her childhood stories because they are all balanced. But that’s not going to happen because her investment in her stories and justified behaviour in emotion would all have no foundation if she told the true story. Balance.

I feel this article is covered now and I hope you can see the difference between self-leadership and self-bull-shit. I hope you can see the difference between living your purpose and your narcissism telling unbalanced stories. And I hope you can recognise the solution to an unbalanced event, and that is, an unbalanced event is absolutely, unquestionably, totally and entirely, your bullshit and that bull-shit is your food for personal and spiritual growth. Just balance the bull-shit and you’ll evolve.

With Spirit

The End


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