Episode 53. As your breath wanders so does your mind.

Today’s episode of 101 things I wish my Dad Taught Me. Episode 53. Is “As your breath wanders so does your mind.” And is bought to you by Universal Law of Nature number 4. Vibration.

everything vibrates. You know that. You already know that a rock is made of atoms molecules and subatomic particles that vibrate. Everything vibrates at its own rhythm. If you take a block of frozen ice and apply energy to it the particles in the ice begin to say brain faster and become water and if you keep applying energy to it that water becomes steam and if you keep applying energy to steam it becomes vapour and if you keep applying energy to vapour it becomes ether.

In the same way if you take anger, hate, fear or guilt and apply energy to them you get love. Dark thoughts are simply thoughts that have low energy. And we can eat the side of a cow and still think we have no energy to raise dark thoughts. No that has to be ridiculous. Surely, dark thoughts are simply ice that has not been heated.

if you travel in a spaceship all the way to the sun you will find massive energy radiating out from the surface of the sun. If you were to capture some of that you would find the same atoms molecules and subatomic particles that exist in a rock, or even in a dark thought, or ice. The difference will be the level of energy. So it may become apparent that we are in some form or another, a mini creator. We can take a black hole full of negative energy and turn that black hole into love, and then into a bicycle, or a dining table, or words, or a song all with the use of thought.

we are nothing more than I receiving and broadcasting system and we control the frequency of that system. Of course it is obvious that many people focus on the tower in which the receiving and broadcasting system is built and think this is the purpose of the tower. Many people think the tower is a robotic machine that shits and farts and doesn’t do much else therefore it broadcasts whatever it feels and it receives the garbage in so garbage goes out. Those people complain bitterly about the quality of their job or their life. But if we treat ourselves as a robotic machine with garbage in and garbage out, then we deserve to struggle until we realise the real opportunity of life.

there are four higher thoughts that I use to make sure that my receiving and broadcasting system is in tiptop shape. They are: gratitude, presence, certainty and love. What you may not know is that I make sure I receive those thoughts as well as transmitting them. When I communicate with the world around me I have the opportunity to receive garbage. I can see people shout in the street, I can feel assaulted in a shop, I can have a negative interaction with a friend or family member, and so there are untold opportunities to receive garbage. But I don’t. I translate everything that comes my way into those four words. For example somebody might say Chris you are a real arsehole. They are saying that in a negative way. But I don’t receive it negatively otherwise I am letting garbage into my transmitter. I receive it as a compliment. And therefore feel they are being grateful for something special in me.

when I am talking to somebody and I feel them drift into Nana land, I ask is everything okay? The reason I do that is because of the second word of the four presents. If a person is not present with me they are basically insulting the opportunity in the universe of time to have an interaction and a transmission. So often I coach people online and I hear their paper rustling, one lady loading the dishwasher, another guy was typing on the computer. It is not intentional on their part that they are sending garbage my way by multitasking during a conversation, but they are. I have enough respect for the work I do with people to ask is everything okay? When I’m asking is everything okay I am asking that person to turn up in a conversation. It is very easy for people, for all of us, to be talking on the phone while making a cup of tea, while fishing, while taking a bath and forget that the other person experiences the lack of our presence and therefore feels disconnected. The phone may be connected but the other person might not be. This can be one of the benefits of using video communication because it causes both people to focus.

The third aspect of thought control which requires energy to take dark thoughts into the building blocks of life is certainty. Certainty does not come from hardheadedness nor rock hard ego. It’s a stillness achieved through balance, centred and calm. This aspect of transmission is right or because of the nervous system, if it is engaged in fight flight, draws the mind away from whatever is being spoken and causes rumination. You know that rumination is when an individual draws in away from the world and becomes their own worst enemy. Rumination causes loneliness and tries to solve problems from within the thought process that caused them. Rumination, or as some people call it worry, is really a breakdown in the broadcasting and transmission system of communication. It is, in my language, the devil in disguise. And so, in communicating with other people I make sure that we are communicating at a level of nervous energy that is healthy, and I call this certainty, others call it calm. The best definition however is balanced mind, centred body and calm nerves.

The final step in communication is love. Because we work in the business world and love is not often associated with the interaction between people, we have had to come up with another language to describe his state of mind in communicating with another person. The closest proximity to it is vision, inspiration and purpose. So in all communication it is wise to know the intention of the dialogue, in other words why are we here and what are we trying to work on toget which we can call micro vision, inspiration which is being absolutely micro detailed and milking the conversation through active listening, and making sure that we remember the purpose of the conversation in an overall context. Is this conversation about business well-being, personal well-being, or about generating ideas about the future. This is a close proximity to the word love. By the way it is no different at home. When two people are talking about vision, inspiration and purpose, they are talking about, a close approximation to the transmission of love.

so in every meeting I make sure both I and the other person operating in a clear zone of vision inspiration and purpose. It is really interesting to recognise that when an individual comes to you and wants to talk to you, and these three components are missing, then they are really about to download on you and would prefer not to be in the conversation at all.

as I said earlier, it takes energy to melt ice or smash a rock. It also takes energy to raise a conversation with ourselves or others into gratitude, presents certainty and love. If we don’t apply that energy, then we are excepting garbage in and garbage will come out. Once the garbage has come in, it’s got to come out.

I remember asking one of my previous partners, significant others, to write a testimonial on my website because I had helped her both personally and with her business. It’s hilarious. Her words were, living with Chris Walker is like living with your life under a microscope. That microscope is looking for garbage. If we speak garbage, think it, allow it to be transmitted by others, we have no option but to regurgitate the same. We are not a garbage recycling system. Therefore, it is our responsibility to tune our transmitter into a reception of only those things that make our broadcast refined enough to build the world around us we wish to build.

yes all this does connect to breath. We went through that yesterday and so I’m not going to give that a lot of attention here today. But a wandering breath is following emotion and is a great sign of a waste of time. Breath control whether in sport or yoga or business is a vital mechanism in mind control. As a singer or a speaker we know this. It is the first lesson of professional speaking, using breath to generate a tone of voice that is receivable by an audience. If you ask a professional interviewer on television or the news reader what is the key skill of reading the news they will tell you definitely breath control. If you talk to a Formula One race car driver about handling the stress and strain of racing at over 300 km/h they will tell you breath control. If you talk to a baseball player standing with a piece of wood in their hand facing a ball coming at them at over 200 km/h they will tell you the secret to hitting the ball well is breath control. My close friend is the sports and psychology coach for the Australian shooting team. They uses breath control to stop the heartbeat, at which time they pull the trigger. The Wim Hof people use breath control to immerse themselves in icewater, goodness knows why, but they do it. So whether you’re driving a car or bathing the baby, breath control is the power of mind control.

when a person has a panic attack which is caused by their mind perceiving a danger that is way outside their comfort zone, the solution is often to use a brown paper bag and have them breathe in and out in the brown paper bag to slow down their mind. I can give another thousand examples but garbage in garbage out time to stop that.

so if you consider yourself one of the most sophisticated receiving and broadcasting systems in the universe, able to take garbage, filter it, receive it, directed, and then transmit it, you will recognise that we are a far more sophisticated implement than any mobile phone. Technology is simply chasing in a digital form what humans have been doing forever. Then rests with you as to whether you want to put the energy in to refining your broadcasting and transmission process. It starts with deciding what you’re going to talk about today, secondly what are you going to focus on in your mind today, third what emotional criteria are you going to allow to be your default in your receiving and broadcasting transmission machine. Gratitude, presence, certainty and love are a pretty good approximation of the highest broadcasting and transmission service available in the universe. Maybe it’s a good place to start?

what else is a good song? Somebody has taken the time to write down words, design a melody, orchestrate instruments to play that, sing with feeling and then place that at your disposal. They’re receiving and broadcasting system has created music. And when you listen to that music you are tuning in to their residence, their chosen channel, their frequency and you can feel it. When you watch the television shows that are seeking talent by having people compete on stage it is quite amazing to see that not how person looks, not even the quality of their total voice is the criteria for selecting the best. Especially in the TV shows where they turn their chairs to the back and so they can only hear and feel the energy of the words in the music. The receiving and broadcasting system is such an exceptional device. We therefore must be careful where we put ourselves. If you want to watch more war movies, or zombie movies or violence then garbage in, garbage out. Your family and children are tuning in to the music you create, your team and your staff are tuning into the music you create, you don’t even need an instrument, or a recording device it is 24 seven transmitted through your thoughts and feelings. And thoughts travel through walls through which no feelings can pass.

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