Exploring inspiration is both an intellectual journey as well as a personal one. We do not deny the need for knowledge in placing order in the chaos called life.

Disorganised knowledge leads to confusion and so, as your coach, the anti guru guru, every now and again it’s important to consider the exploration or revision for many, of the laws that underpin keeping your denials, affirmations and visualisations front and centre against a continual barrage of emotion causing events.

Remembering that events are events until we judge them otherwise and this judgement can be our biggest challenge. Can we move through judgement without this knowledge? Yes, but it’s so random it would be unbankable.

Putting life in the bank, relationship in the bank, spirituality in the bank, and more. It’s a powerful thought that what was once chaos is now order. Ie what pissed you off last week won’t this week.

Here are the questions for the month in a PDF format:

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