20 Questions in 30 Days. Q 15. Why do people who seek peace attract trouble.

Today’s question is wonderful. It pushes every button in the universe and in our memes. This question of the series 20 Questions in 30 Days. is Question 15. Why do people who seek peace attract trouble?

Ask the universe.

answer: ashasajhrerbsiherkcbaiwends erhjaksdkhswerbkashdhrktbgkebsahhkhaskhdkhskd

OK so that’s universe talk so as a qualified translator of universe speak, I’ll do my best to translate for you.

  1. It defies my intention. My intent was never for peace. Never. I never intended peace. I intended evolution. How else will you get to know me, and truth. My intent is to stop anything from stopping. Anything that stops I blow up. Stagnation is my enemy. You might think the devil in religious speak is my enemy but that’s rubbish. My enemy is stagnation and peace seeking people are obsessed with it. So, anyone who seeks peace as a goal, get’s the rocket size 14 boot in their butt. It’s not to hurt them, just move them on from wasting the time I gave them on earth to be awake.
  2. It’s out of my control. About 200 billion years ago I set up the universe to be self functioning. There were some basic guidelines I set in place that 200 billion years later, some dumb hippie decides to fight against because they love peace. I love those dumb hippies and so I challenge them to get off their high horse and get back to being awake to the beauty I gave them the opportunity in this small fragment of their existence to experience and add value to.
  3. It’s not me that challenges them. When people think that what they think is the only way to think, it’s not me, but themselves that bring trouble because they get confused between their autopilot and their assets. On autopilot they think they are sooooooo important and then, in that state they don’t like something and instead of loving my universe, they try to eliminate all the things they don’t like, such as, Monsanto (my food development company), Covid (my global communication firm), Vlad Putin (my shake the tree son) and terrrorism (my wake up and value the short time you have recruits). You know I do my best to make your short stay precious, and send an army of things to remind you, but given that I gave humans a mechanism to evolve, their ego, I am the one to blame for narcissism too. People forget that the automation of their thoughts was given not to fight for a thought, but to make new thoughts possible. Damn, that ego, I really should have thought that one through. The peace seekers think their ego is truth seeking. They fight for and love only half of what I created. They call it narcissism, trying to make the world as they want it, but I call it a damn shame to waste so much energy. The good news is that I inserted a micro chip in every human, to attract the opposite to what they are righteous about. It’s my fall back system to prevent stagnation, so peace seekers attract war. It teaches them to love the whole of my creation, not just the part that makes them comfortable.
  4. It’s mission critical. Nothing is missing in my beautiful universe which, by the way, I’m still building outward, and although your language is limited to the words, Peace and War, they are never in my vocabulary. My vocabulary is quite limited. Chris is doing a good job of translating it into your language but in my language peace and war do not exist. In my language it may surprise you, there are only four binary words. I’ll share.
    1. Self and other (they are inseparable except in your survival mind: your ego)
    2. Masculine and Feminine (they are inseparable except in your survival mind; your ego)
    3. Pleasure and pain (they are inseparable except in your survival mind: your ego)
    4. Right and wrong (they are inseparable except in your survival mind: your ego)
  5. I love the peace lovers because in the big picture of my universe they are the balancing energy to the warmongers. If not for the peace-lovers, the chaos would be overwhelming. If not for the warmongers, the order would be stagnating. If only the ego didn’t get so strong that an individual could see the benefits and drawbacks of what you call peace and war they would find a certain harmony with me, and that’s cool.
  6. Observing the mess. The very thing that a peace lover is seeking in the world, which, as I’ve said, I love because it breeds and balances their opposite and causes evolution, which is my passion, causes the individual to be at war within themselves. They start to hate certain people because those people disrupt their ideal outer world and get angry with my friend Mr Putin and so, their ambition for outer peace creates an inner war. If only they could embrace their entire self, the two sides of themselves and re-unite those four binary splits I spoke about in point 4. Then they would be whole. And probably feel the harmony inside that they aspire to as well.
  7. Would you like to know my real enemy in the universe? Well ok, Chris, tell them. My real enemy is blame. When a mother gets stressed and blames her children she has lost her way. She blames the kids but it’s not their fault. When a person gets stressed at work and blames the workload or the uncertainty of their job, they blame something or someone and therefore they too have lost their way. When a person blames screen time, or tv for the distance between themselves and their children, they too have lost their way. Blame is the enemy of love, self love, evolution, self-respect and most important in your question today, blame accuses others of what is considered wrong, and denies the existence of that wrong or the cause of that wrong in themselves. In your language earth people, my children, those people who blame, miss the bus. I gave everyone all the power and skill they need to achieve their imagination, which I sent to them, so the only blockage to living that potential is “blame.” And, as you know, I created that too, so that I had a challenge or war to deal with too.
  8. You evolve or you die. You evolve at the border of order and chaos. Either you get used to it, or life is going to be a battle Royale within you. Order is what you call peace. Chaos you call war. Wherever you see order, prepare for chaos. Wherever you see chaos prepare for peace. Your stock exchange and real estate prices are on the billions of opportunities you have to work with me, rather than against me with blame and righteousness.

With Spirit.


End of Today’s Podcast blog.

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