20 Questions in 30 Days. Q12 Why Does Success Breed Success?

The question today is “why does success breed success?”

There are so many answers to this question it’s hard to know where to start but I assume the best place is to summarise the most important. The reason why success breeds success is that it creates a sense of abundance. So, success does not breed success, abundance does.

In every walk of life abundance breeds success. This is one of the most important self-awareness understandings you can have from Innerwealth. Nature is abundant. Nothing is ever missing it just changes in form.

Let me give you some examples. A person who is single who thinks that the world rejects them, will struggle to find a date. The dates they do find, mostly online will be desperate. The viewpoint this single individual has of limited supply of good healthy partnerships creates a sense of foreboding and desperation. That attitude is conveyed and breeds itself. Ask any person who has been single for a significant period of time about what happened once they found a partner. Typically, the day they committed to a relationship, feeling abundant, the phone started to ring like crazy with new possibilities. This is a great example of success breeding success.

Another example is a business person looking for finance. If the business is going really well and a business person goes to the bank, the bank is almost falling over itself to lend money. But if the business person is in a struggling situation and running out of time to finance or refinance the business it’s almost as if they have a sign on top of their head saying, “reject me”. That person might think that it is the financial situation of the business that is causing potential lenders to reject them but it is more that they are living in fear of rejection and Projects out like a neon sign. This is another example of success breeding success.

When a parent has passed away because of a potentially hereditary witness in the DNA of an individual such as heart failure or stroke, that person may start to worry about the length of their life. They may begin to be nervous about what they eat and what they do just in case they repeat the disaster of a shortened life of the parent. This minimalised thinking process weighs heavily on everything the individual does and nothing is surer to bring down the health of an individual than this deep heavy worry in the subconscious mind. Whereas, if grandma and grandpa and mum and dad are healthy and thriving in the later years and there’s a family tradition of lasting until at least 103 years old, the individual will feel more confident in the length of their own life. The likelihood is they will also live long. Success again breeds success.

The lack of abundance impact relationships. If two people fall in love and build a home together they do so because of an abundant wise choice. But if over time things deteriorate and they stay together because of the fear of being single, which in turn is the fear of not meeting another partner, then they are together because of the perception of a lack of abundance in the world. The resentment between them will escalate but they will stay with it and deteriorate their relationship because of it.

Great example is an employee in a business who considers themselves so lucky to have this job because they feel they could not be employed outside of this company and get the same salary. This individual lives with gratitude but also in a state of uncertainty. It is sometimes wise to be on the job market even when we have a secure strong job so that we don’t operate from this minimalist view point. In other words knowing that we have options gives us a feeling of abundance which makes being where we are a much more powerful decision.

When it comes to financial mastery there is a good quote that says if you can’t manage your emotions you can’t manage your money. What this is saying is that if you become emotional, which pretty much means loss of abundance, you will make decisions based on a minimalist fear based desperation which is certain to increase the odds of failure. Putting this in context with the consciousness cone, a person at the top of the cone will make better, more abundant, more powerful decisions, will lead and live in a more powerful and healthy place, will stay and be in relationship because of love and not because of fear of being single.

So the consciousness comb becomes the icon of abundance. And abundance is the reason why success breeds success. Abundance is a state of mind, it is not conditional on circumstances, it is a habit, it is something we have to work on daily to make sure that the challenges of finance, work, health, relationship, social contribution, spirituality, do not reduce us to a minimalist view with no options. Abundance means that we see continually that nothing is ever missing it just changes in form and we are practised at recognising such things when the temptation is to shrink in emotional minimalism, allow emotions to take over our consciousness and therefore drop into the bottom of the consciousness cone.

With spirit,


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