20 Questions in 30 Days. Q13. How do you know if you really let go the past?

Today is question 13. How do you know if you really let go the past?

It’s a very key question in mental health and mental strength which I am sure you’ll agree are vital ingredients in any walk of life.

So I will present the acid test rather than the process of letting go.

  1. No regrets. If you are contemplating the past and wish something didn’t happen or which something did happen, you’re definitely in the category of those who are living in the past.
  2. If you are not thankful about everything and everyone you met in the past, your past is causing your future more than your vision of the future and you again fall into the category of those who are driven by their wounds.
  3. If you would not wish any event that happened to you in the past to your children or best friend if it was the only way they too could learn the gift you learnt, then, definitely you are living in the past, remember what we react to runs us.
  4. If there is still anger or regret about anything that happened in the past, you are definitely not in a state of mental or emotional strength and the past is running you.
  5. If you have guilt, worry or anxiety about something you did or didn’t do in the past, that is definitely going to haunt your sleep and keep you from resting, recovering, building your immune system and turning up today and therefore is a big sign that you are stuck in the past unresolved.

So those are not a complete list of the acid test but they will capture 90% of the evidence that you are living in the past.

The key here is that you do not need to look 30 years into the past to find the source or cause of you living in or being highly unhealthily driven by the past. You can actually look at yesterday first and foremost. Even look at last week. You see, whatever we are unresolved about in the past, even 30 years ago, repeats in our daily and weekly life now.

That comes as a big surprise but guilt of the past (which is all past issues no matter how we try to frame ourselves as the victim) causes fear of the future. If you are feeling stuck in your life, it is 99% sure you have unresolved issues about something or someone in the past.

The solution is the Walker Discard Form.

The Discard is a powerful process. I teach this to all clients and students.

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