20 Questions in 30 days. Question #1. Are Your Feelings Real? 

There are four keys to a great life. If you have all four of these you can really say, “I have made it: – I am managing my life well” and there is one enemy that sabotages them all, without fail. This article explores that enemy.

The four great icons of a great life are:

  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • InSpired

So what do you think the single greatest and most potent enemy of these four is?

You’ll know that I write allot about how to achieve those four icons of self realization. There is little need to write about much else. With those four, you’ll be wealthy and your family will be at it’s absolute best. Your business will thrive, your career will be solid.

Plus your sense of self will not be a matter of concern.

But here in question 1, of the 20, we are focusing on an amazing insight that might truly surprise you and gift you at the same time.

Not only will you be surprised about what is the core enemy of those four amazing achievements in life, but you’ll be shocked at how we rarely connect the dots.

That shock will extend all the way into your own life and you’ll see an amazing opportunity to improve the quality of your life and relationships at work and at home simply by managing one single ingredient of your everyday life, better.

What’s more, it’s going to be easy.

Just changing this one single thing will affect your health, your happiness, your love life, and your inspiration. The flow on will be enormous, success, life changing and wealth creating.

What is this one enemy? Lets find out.

What do you personally guess that enemy is? Take a moment now to write a single word on a piece of paper, then fold it and put it away. So that you can go back and see where your mind was at before you made this discovery. I promise you are going to be shocked.

I am revealing one of the greatest mysteries of nature, hidden in the centuries and lost in the mayhem of the technological age. Write it down now. Write down your word before you go further so that you can see why it has been so hard for you to achieve and sustain those four icons of life.


OK — Did you think it is ill health?

It’s hard to do good if we don’t feel good. Right? But that’s not it. Let me explain why.

If we are not healthy then we struggle for happiness and love and to be inspired. Poor health can distract us, rob our concentration, divert our attention, cause us worry, and prevent our full and open hearted participation in every day life. Poor health can also sabotage our sex life, relationship, work and happiness.

So many unhappy people are unhealthy. Did their poor health cause their unhappiness or the other way round, unhappiness caused their poor health?

But if you thought poor health is the real enemy of the four icons of a great life, you are wrong.

Did you think the enemy of the four icons is unhappiness?

If we are unhappy, we are often driven to unhealthy behavior and that causes us to be out of love and out if inspiration. The Dali Lama, head of the Buddhist religion around the world might be mistakenly accused of saying “happiness is at the root of humanity.”

Certainly, unhappy people are infectious, they bring down workplace moral, they sabotage their own relationships, their self-respect and their health suffers. Unhappy people attract disasters to themselves. More accidents, mistakes, errors, stumbles, disasters, catastrophes and calamities happen to unhappy people than happy ones.

So maybe happiness is at the root core of the four great icons and unhappiness is, the greatest enemy of them. But if you think unhappiness is the major enemy of those four icons, you are wrong again.

Did you think being unable to love or out of love is the enemy of the four secrets of great living?

Most people would not think this.. We argue very strongly that, without love, there cannot be health, or happiness, and certainly inspiration has passion and love at it’s core. Surely, to be in love is a fundamental necessity and to be out of love (say angry, frustrated or resentful) is the cause of poor health, unhappiness and un inspired.

Is this it? The answer is — no. This is not the enemy of the four icons of life.

Finally, did you think the enemy of the four great aspirations of all life was the lack of inspiration?

Lack of inspiration leads to hopelessness, and all suicide, depression, emotional breakdowns and much mischief in life comes from people who are uninspired and therefore lack purpose and motivation. Youth and drugs, and crime and sickness all translate back to lack of purpose, lack of vision, lack of inspiration. So maybe at the heart of life, is a sense of belonging, a reason to live, a mission or purpose.

Maybe there can be no health, happiness or love if we feel like we are bored, disinterested, too much time. We know low self-worth comes from not doing something worthy of our own self-respect. When we devalue our time, we devalue our life. So, maybe this is the king or queen of the four icons, inspiration?

But alas, once more, I am sad to say, if you thought this was the answer, you are wrong again.

So what is the enemy, that evil, hell on earth, devil. What one thing sabotages all the others. What one simple ingredient in the mix of life, sabotages the four great mysteries of human condition?

The answer – extracted from the ancient mysteries is coming next.

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