3 Keys to REAL Life: Embracing the Holiday Lifestyle

Chris reflects on the importance of living a holiday lifestyle, a concept he has embraced since childhood. He contrasts his father’s work ethic, which led to stress and exhaustion, with his nana’s joyful and resilient approach to life despite hardships. Chris advocates for taking responsibility for one’s emotions, avoiding narcissism, and finding passion and purpose to achieve a fulfilling life. He emphasizes the need to balance planning and spontaneity, engage with the world’s realities, and cultivate a mindset of joy and authenticity.

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1. Responsible

A Saturday Morning Reflection

Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. This is Chris, and today I want to talk about something close to my heart. It’s a beautiful Saturday; the rain has just cleared, the sun is emerging, and it’s going to be a brilliant day at 22 degrees. This setting provides a perfect backdrop for discussing a topic significant to me since childhood: living a holiday lifestyle.

The Inherited Work Ethic

Growing up, I watched my father work himself into the ground with stress and strain, labouring daily. The rare times he smiled were precious, usually when something went right. I inherited this work ethic, working my fingers to the bone. I pursued a bigger house, car, family, bank account, business, ego, whiskey decanter, and even bigger trophies. This relentless pursuit of “bigger” was ingrained in me by the hardworking Walker clan, particularly my father.

Lessons from My Nana

However, there was a stark contrast between my father and his mother, my nana. Despite facing significant challenges, including an abusive alcoholic husband and the hardships of poverty, my nana never stopped laughing or smiling. Despite her circumstances, she found joy in her small veggie patch and sewing clothes, embodying a holiday lifestyle. Inspired by her, I wanted to combine my father’s tenacity with my nana’s joy and laughter, striving to live every day as if I were on holiday.

A Call to Inner Wealth

I believe that following the Inner Wealth process can help you achieve this holiday lifestyle. It’s about understanding and embracing what truly matters beyond the relentless pursuit of material gains. Many people grind themselves to exhaustion, blaming external factors like the economy, rent, or personal relationships for their unhappiness. However, the root of the problem often lies within.

2. Accountable

Beyond Blame: Taking Responsibility

You must take full responsibility for your feelings and actions to move beyond blame. If you’re angry, it’s not because someone made you angry; it’s because you were already carrying that anger. This means acknowledging and owning your emotions rather than projecting them onto others.

Avoiding Narcissism

A crucial step in this journey is avoiding narcissism. A narcissist acknowledges their emotional scars but then celebrates and indulges in them. True healing comes from being accountable for your feelings and actively working to change your perception. At Inner Wealth, we teach the process of transforming your feelings to achieve a holiday lifestyle, filled with joy and gratitude.

3. Purposeful

The Importance of Hope and Destiny

Hopelessness can lead to self-destructive behaviours, whether it’s through poor lifestyle choices or a more profound sense of despair. While hope can lift us from the ground, it’s not where we should aim to stay. Instead, we should strive for confidence, belief in our destiny, and a sense of control over our lives. Understanding and fulfilling our purpose can prevent the slow suicide of living a life misaligned with our values.

Living the Holiday Lifestyle

A holiday lifestyle isn’t about escaping reality but embracing it with a joyful and optimistic outlook. You live in the moment when you’re on holiday, looking forward to each day. This mindset can be cultivated daily, transforming how you perceive and interact with the world.

Planning and Spontaneity

A key aspect of the holiday lifestyle is balancing planning and spontaneity. Some days, you may have activities planned out, while other days, you leave room for spontaneous enjoyment. This balance allows you to assert control over your destiny without feeling overwhelmed by rigid schedules.

Results-Oriented Living

To truly embrace a holiday lifestyle, shift your focus from process to results. Aim to achieve outcomes and follow through with your commitments. This approach reduces the transactional nature of work and enhances your sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Authenticity and Self-Awareness

Living a holiday lifestyle requires authenticity and self-awareness. Recognise and address your emotional wounds, and avoid falling into the trap of self-indulgence. Be honest with yourself about your feelings and actively work to change your perceptions to align with your desired lifestyle.

Embracing the World’s Realities

A crucial part of this journey is embracing the world’s realities. Avoiding news or unpleasant aspects of life is a form of isolation that can lead to a false sense of security. Instead, engage with the world, recognise its beauty and challenges, and find joy in the complete human experience.

Finding Your Passion

To sustain a holiday lifestyle, identify and pursue activities that you love. Whether it’s collecting shells, learning music, or swimming, find something that brings you joy and makes you want to live a long, fulfilling life. This passion will drive you to stay healthy, disciplined, and motivated.

Designing Your Mindset

Ultimately, a holiday lifestyle is about designing a mindset prioritising joy, authenticity, and purpose. It means waking up every day eager to engage in activities you love, managing any obstacles that come your way, and celebrating the journey of life.

Final Thoughts

As I wrap up this Saturday morning reflection, I hope you find inspiration to embrace the holiday lifestyle. Remember, it’s not just about vacations or escaping reality; it’s about living each day with joy, purpose, and authenticity. This is Chris signing off. Bye for now.

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