Phase 1. Moving from Motivation to Inspiration – Introduction to Coaching Back on Track Challenge

The mind is a muscle. There are seven important mind muscles. The graphic below illustrates it perfectly. Over time we may become quite muscle bound in some areas of the mind because we’ve been under stress or pressure.

Innerwealth Chris Walker Consciousness Image

We get used to using certain parts of our brain, but we get rewarded in life by being able to access the highest areas. The Inspired areas of the mind. So, the beginning of my coaching is about muscle strengthening of the higher, genius and inspired muscles of the mind. These are the areas we are most healthy in, most inspired by, at peace with and get paid the most for using. To access these areas certain challenges must be set. We need to create new habits. Like “Act Not React” and moving from motivation as a driving force (highly emotionally triggered) to inspiration (a sense of purpose greater than self). This introductory coaching takes around 30-90 days depending on circumstances.

Phase 2. Total Human Awareness

The sacrificial lamb is an old tale and so many high executive talents still measure their year, week or day by the quality of their sacrifices. “I gave it everything” might be a common regret. But this is old school. Quality of result is a far better measure of a day or year and this does not require sacrifices. It requires a judicial awareness of the value of “turning Up” 110% in all aspects of life.

This ability to transition from meeting to meeting without emotional carryover, to take off the “pig poo boots” on the way home from work and to understand the radical differences between what will make a great career mindset and it’s inverse opposite that will make a home and personal life flourish is a huge transition and skill. My coaching emphasises the ability to shift mindset and therefore not sabotage one aspect of life for another.

Phase 3. VIP (vision, inspiration and purpose)

Prevention is better than cure. Weekly coaching is preventative medicine for the executive who knows that a few days in a rotten mood, impacted by an event, worried about a meeting, frustrated over something at home, is going to cost dearly. The ripples of a bad day can last a lifetime. Rather than spread a bad state of mind and then have to go out and repair it, we commit to stay on track by constant dialogue between myself and client to sustain a state of personal inspiration.

You know you can’t give what you haven’t got so this is where changing the world begins. Change One, Change All. Changing your thinking, the way you see things is the most beautiful thing you can do for the world, changing others is extreme narcissism and the world is not getting better from that. Staying inspired is the mission of my ongoing coaching. It means dealing rapidly with disruption that might cause a loss of confidence, evolving your vision and staying on purpose in all areas of life. The rewards are more moments of love, inspiration, genius and calm.


So much influences the state of mind of an executive: worries about sales, family, children, partner, parents, health, teams, strategies, friends, weight, longevity and more… It makes for a potpourri of contradictions and sometimes conflicts. The more we grow, the more complex these interactions get, until we begin to feel compromised by our choices. We devolve into survival, and often reach for unwise ideals to cope. But there is a way through this. A way that requires no compromise at the individual level and, a way that supports high results at work and at home. A way that respects process too, so that people we love and care about don’t get burnt along the way.

Inspired individuals are beacons in any business. They do not get overwhelmed nor compromise the results they promise. Simply they are able to play to their “super power” and draw others to their arena. Which in turn, inspires others. My coaching is changing the world, one heart at a time. It begins with inspiring the individual and I’m committed to that.

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