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Do you really want change?

The concept of being inspired is quite profound and uniquely different to what is the normal every day modality of people’s way of life. When we are motivated we use carrot and stick type analogies to cause us to want to get up in the morning and go kickback for a day at work. In contrast to this when we are inspired the carrot on the stick lose their influence and our own intrinsic appetite for life drives us forward. I guess we could call this living the Zen lifestyle.

The challenge of living inspired is that it requires discipline. The definition of inspiration is when the inner voice speaks louder than the outer voices. But to hear this invoice is the secret. Every human being on earth has an invoice but the noise that goes on in their brain and around them becomes so overwhelming that they can’t hear themselves think they can only hear what others think. Ultimately that leads to a type of compliance and laziness because of the incredible difference between the discipline required for inspiration to be louder than motivation.

But the difference in quality of life is astonishing. An inspired individual starts the day fulfilled, goes to work feeling fulfilled, is not looking for others to fulfil them, and therefore start the day authentically. What this means therefore is that an inspired individual has homework to do before they go to work. It’s not just a matter of going to the gym or running around the block a few times in order to exhaust themselves before they sit down in an office chair.

The other unique thing about being inspired is it is not combative. Motivation teaches people to be combative. With combative thinking we take so much of what happens at work personally and we lose perspective so easily. Even the smallest things become quite radioactive.

Here’s a short list of what we have talked about over the last six months about what to do to be inspired when you go to work and what to do before you leave home in order to make sure that you’re in a really good headspace when you get to work.

  1. Wake before dawn
  2. Do self-talk on a formal sheet of paper (Motivate, Instruct, Reward)
  3. Experience the beauty of micro and macro nature. (Connect and be thankful)
  4. Stick to the same breakfast time, food and process daily
  5. WalkaChi – build your energy.
  6. Denials, Affirmations and visualisations 
  7. Listen to podcasts and evolve en route to work.

It’s not what we think, but how we think that makes change happen

Five simple laws are self-evident, universal. And therefore, they operate in every walk of life. We can only imagine the impact on individuals, business and global development if those five simple laws were shared globally. We believe that they are a gift to the world and the transformation they can make in people’s daily lives, their business and humanity is inspirational.

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