A winning mindset can be very complicated. Every guru and philosopher has a story about it. But in the end, it all distills down to nature’s universal laws. Gratitude, Presence, Certainty and Love.

Today we explore presence, just a touch to demonstrate how easy it is to create a powerful presence.



Good morning. Good morning. Good afternoon. Wherever you are. This is Chris. And today we’re talking about mindset and it’s video number two in the series.
And we’re going to talk firstly, a little bit about where we started last time, which is on the topic of gratitude.
So let’s move there. Now, what we said before was most people in the team that you’ll be leading will have distracted mental focus.
They’ll have a thousand things going on and they’ll be trying to turn up at work, but they can’t, it’s really difficult.
And so you become a leader whose whose leadership is built on distracting people into focus, and this is similar to slavery.
But what you do is you intensify the environment. You put deadlines on people, you make them get things done by a certain time and you punish them.
And if they don’t get it done and that we call leadership, but it isn’t, that has no leadership at all.
But what it is is a way to lead distracted. People who have no mind control, who have a lot of emotion going on, who are working from home during COVID and are completely just oiling the squeaky wheel as we called it last time.
So most people will have an environment like this. Whatever makes the most noise they’ll focus on. If it’s self-respect, if you give them a criticism, that’ll become number one importance.
Or if you, if their relationship gets the wobbly legs then that’ll be the most important thing in their life. And if their health goes down that’ll and so they circulate around trying to give a balance, but losing balance.
And while they work on one thing to get it back and balance, something else goes pear shaped. And by the time they fix one thing, another thing has gone wrong.
It’s like having four wheels on a car and having a puncture. And every time you fix one, another wheel gets a puncture.
And this is typically how most of the people you’ll lead in the world are living their lives. And it makes it very hard for them to turn up and it certainly makes them very hard to lead.
So what we’re going to talk about today is stage two of this process. And let’s just talk about the process, the leadership template leadership 1 0 1 is we’ve talked about the six stages, our chief aim, a secondary aim, the success formula, which I’m doing on a separate a blog, your mindset, which we’re working on here, your environment, and last but not least your daily routine.
So let’s today work a little more on mindset. What are we saying? Mindset. There were four things, gratitude, presence, certainty, and love.
And last time we covered gratitude. So today we’re up to step two, which is need to want to on the consciousness cone.
And we’re going to talk about presence. So this is a really important thing because without presence, there can be no leadership.
All that can be is repair, shippable slavery. So we’re going to talk about how do you get people who are completely not present with all this distraction?
How do you get them to let go of all this multitude of distracting things and reshape their way now, back in the early days, what we would do is we would talk to people in a really tough way.
So let’s have a look at how that appears on a screen. So firstly, what we would have done is said to them, if you don’t behave yourself at work, what we’re going to do is give you a really hard time and people would throw away the idea of being healthy of their relationship or their self-worth at work.
And they would simply be a BDM. They’d drop some things off the pyramid and they’d start prioritizing the wealth creation, their mental strength, which is their ego and their career.
And this is how we would have led people in times of work or environment slavery in a business, but it doesn’t work.
Then we would’ve said, now let’s add in a wealth and get Chris Walker to come in and talk to you all about how to be healthy, wealthy and wise after a whole day of prioritizing mental career and financial and forgetting your health for getting a relationship and forgetting your social responsibility.
And of course that doesn’t work for anybody. And, and of course, 20 years ago, that was the only model that we have.
But there is a better way. And what I’d like to show you now is the better way. Firstly, what we’re going to do is we’re going to recognize that a tree or a pyramid or the consciousness of a human being is always a comb.
A consciousness current goes from top to bottom. Secondly, we’re going to realize that when things are disorganized, they are distracting.
But when they’re organized, which is what we call personal inspiration or a personal vision, they become hierarchical. And every person on earth has a different hierarchy of values.
So some people put their relationship at the top. Some people will put their mental, but all of their values need to go into presence.
So then we create a single aim in life and link all of the areas of life to that single aim.
Now we’re starting to talk about the ability to turn up at work inspire. So the next thing to recognize that in a vision quest, who am I, where am I going?
Why am I here? Where do I come from there? The four questions, but a person will have will grow. And over time that vision quest needs to be revisited.
And so it must become a dynamic of life. Not rather, rather than a static vision. It’s a thing that continually evolves continually expands, continually grows and growing.
That is the job of a leader. So I’m going to introduce you now to what’s called the LCM, the loyalty, commitment and motivation process.
I’ve used this around the world. I’ve sold it. So some pretty big companies and it really does work. And it’s so simple.
You won’t believe it. Step one, inspire the individual step to balance the corporate vision really important. And step three, what I’ve done over and over again is align personal inspiration to the company vision.
Let’s have a look how it’s, how it appears on a sheet of paper. There are five columns in the LCM process.
Firstly, in the first column, job description, third column, personal vision, that means you really need to help your team. Each have a personal vision.
In other words, get all those leaves of the tree into an alignment, into a sort of a, what are my values?
What comes first? What comes second? What come third. The third thing we need to do as a company, vision quest so that, so that there is a holistic and we call about the seven areas of life, the seven areas of life go into the company vision.
We’ll talk about more about that in the third of these sketchpad videos. Now, what do we do? We ask the individual to about to register their job description.
And then we ask them to link their job description, whatever task they have to do to, to their personal vision.
Now we will sabotage anything that we’re asked to do in the job that we can’t link to what we want in our personal life.
That’s pretty big stuff. And it’s pretty important if you’re to be a leader, to get people, to be self motivated, self inspired.
And this is where loyalty, commitment and motivation come from our job description links to our personal vision. The second step of this is to understand how our personal vision, in other words, doing what we love at work out, getting what we wanted work, how that links to the company vision, which creates team players as well as powerful individuals.
It creates team players. So this process is about the second stage is about developing the need to want to area of life presence.
You only as good as the power of your presence. We’ve now covered gratitude and presence at work. I hope you’ve enjoyed this so far soon.
We’re going to cover off the rest bye for now.

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