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Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. And just when you think you’ve got your head around it, out I come with something new and Walker puts a curveball down the slider.

The last podcast I did was about Chris Christmas trees, and presents at the bottom,

I think it’s really clever analogy because you can visualize that right, you can visualize the Christmas trees and visualize the presence underneath star on the top, you want to be at the top of the tree, but you also want to be at the bottom, you got one hand reaching for the star and reaching for a present. And those presents under the tree

Well, for the kids, you know, the stars nice, but the presents are better. And for someone who’s grown up in life, the presents are the presents for the kids and the star is really more important. And the star, of course, is a purpose greater than yourself as a reason to do things more than yourself and as Lincoln or sinking, which means all the branches of the tree are going to go up toward that star.

And, but what it means is the distraction of those presents down below, it’s you know, there for the kids, therefore the other people. Now, that doesn’t mean you’re better than anybody else, of course, I’m up here and Ben buckler, and there’s a sign that says I’m better than no man, and no man is better than I assume that’s for women too.

And so, you know, we’re, you know, we, we want all the branches of the tree sort of lining up towards that star. And we know that there’s a distraction, because there’s all the prisons underneath and in, those prisons will be opened by somebody, and you just need to leave it for the children, and the children are gonna be not in the metaphor of the conversation we’re having here.

In the metaphor of the conversation, children are little ones, like the little one I had with me this morning, when I did the podcast, they’re going to be people, even up to 90 years old, who still think like a child, that there’s a pleasure without a pain, that there’s a self without another, that there’s a right without a wrong. And then there’s a masculine male who doesn’t have female, and there’s a female who doesn’t have male, there’s going to be children on earth, no matter what the age, and they’re going to look for the presence.

And therefore, you as a marketer, or as a business person can put presents under the tree and be very happy that not all the world is looking for the star on the top, even if they go somewhere on Sunday, or Saturday, or Friday, or Monday or Tuesday, where they worship the star on the top and they think that’s okay, and then look back down to the presents. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that the Prime Minister of Australia in the past always been a Christian.

And that person goes to church on Sunday, and they become very important and very influential. However, they absorbed only the one side of that tree. And so their decisions were what we would call polarized. And most of those prime ministers have had their fair share of personal troubles. So doesn’t mean just because your present opener, that you are world famous, a lot of people are addictive, even when they’re famous, and a lot of people are corrupted even when they’re wealthy. So it’s it’s not saying that the people at the bottom of the tree, the children are wrong, it’s just that don’t get it.

And it’s kind of like nice when you do when you finally get it and you go now that’s what they’re all trying to do. They’re looking down at the presents at the bottom of the tree thinking that opening the presents going to get them to the top of the tree, or that going to somewhere on a on a specific day of the week, inside a specific building. Looking at a specific thing listening to a specific person’s going to get them to the top of the tree.

That’s not it’s just another present under the tree. So they think they’re looking up they’re looking down looking for glory, looking for guilt relief, looking for emotional gratification, but they go into a building for it. So bottom of the tree runs the world their little gifts a different way they wrapped Gucci, or whether it’s Kmart, or whether it’s Taj A, or whether it’s Tesla or whether it’s Ford or whatever. They’re all presents under the tree tempting us to behave like children. And I think what we’ve got to be mindful of is that it’s okay if you’re an employee to be a child and complain about this and complain about that.

It doesn’t make for a great home life doesn’t make for the kids to make, what they what you would call a comfortable place to express their creativity. What it will do is polarize them to be polarized against you or for you and polarized against your partner for them or against them, and the whole world will go on as it does Rolling around opening presents every day Coca Cola another giant another vape another pat on the back by a mate and on it will go and their role modeling you. So when you think about it, you go what’s Why am I kids chasing rainbows?

Well, welcome to you, you, you might drink a lot or you might argue a lot which, and arguing and drinking, it’s the same topic because what happens is we get polarized we drink to be pleasure, and we argued to be out of pleasure, or to argue to cause the other person to relent and give us pleasure. So it’s a pleasure hunt. And so it’s present opening.

So let’s get back to the Christmas tree whole thing and move on to another topic. And that is the whole concept of what’s going to drive you next year. Now look, it’s coming to the end of November, now’s the time you need to be considering the variables involved in a vision for 2023. Now, if you’re in the language of the inner wealth, if you’re in the language of nature, the first thing you’ll do is you’ll do a gratitude exercise for what you’ve got gratitude for what you’ve got is the single most important thing you can ever do in your life. gratitude for what you want.

That’s another topic, gratitude for what you’ve got. You cannot go wrong. You cannot go wrong.

Being grateful for what you’ve got. You cannot make a mistake. If you’re grateful for what you’ve got everything you want, will be coming from a great place. If you’re not grateful for what you’ve got. If you’re going oh my boss isn’t this and my company isn’t that and I’m just this and I’m just that and you whinging away, then you go I’m gonna do vision quest, and build a 2023 on a windy beachy 2022 Then you really need to do some homework.

Yeah, sit down and look in the mirror. Because that is not that is chasing life that is chasing rainbows, that is chasing fantasies, that is chasing things and you will sabotage everything you chase when it comes from a place of not grateful for what you’ve got. Now. Even if you’ve got a balding or if you’ve got a tooth falling out, you can get grateful for it, there’s a way to be grateful for what you’ve got grateful for the past grateful for what you’ve got grateful for the past grateful for what you’ve got grateful what you want, what you’re gonna get.

That’s another topic. That’s a completely separate topic.

But if you build grateful for what you want, and grateful for what’s going to happen and grateful for what you want in life, you are going to get a big surprise because you’re going to slip slide back, slip slide back into the old place. So grateful for what you’ve got. Now there’s some pretty miserable people out there who do a lot of hard work on themselves, spend a lot of energy trying to build themselves up and are not grateful for what they’ve got. They just are grateful for what they’re gonna get. And that’s like, you know, it’s like driving a car with the, in the revision mirror. It’s kind of like it’s, it’s the complete.

It’s a complete distortion of what you’ve been trying to understand by understanding the universal laws of nature. Nature is grateful for what it’s got. Nature is grateful. What it’s always doing is creating the future based on what it’s got. So it might earthquake in Indonesia, it might do a tsunami in Japan, it might do a big storm in Bondi it might do a bushfire in Australia, this is not nature cursing us. This is like some idiots think,

Oh, this is because this is nature punishing us for global warming, it is not it is nature building the future. Nature is never ungrateful. Nature builds on what it’s got. Now, if you want to model nature, you want to bring nature and your true nature and inspired nature into life. You emulate nature, because nature is everywhere you are nature, we are nature, this is when the storm that’s going on right now, this is just what it feels like when you are meat or any of us have an emotional day. It’s just wind blowing, and it’s not cursing us. It’s not punishing us it’s not bad.

What it is, is fresh that clean it up, let it go. Blow away time from you. And the wind here is blowing branches away. It’s like pulling away, it’s blowing dust away, it’s blowing sand away. This is the evolution. And the evolution is not saying oh, I’m gonna punish you for being addicted, or I’m gonna punish you for being bad. What it’s saying is nature builds on what it’s got. It’s grateful for what it’s got. It’s never ever looking in the rear vision mirror. It’s just simply is what it is. And then it makes what it’s gonna make. And it’s going somewhere.

It’s building something, it’s evolving, it’s developing, it’s creating, it’s getting bigger, it’s getting more powerful. And this earth will one day be reabsorbed back into the into the universe, and another Earth will be built and people who look very different to us because they won’t breathe, oxygen will survive. So I just really want you to think really long and hard about 2023.

And spend the time from here until you start doing your visions for 2023. Writing down all the things that you’ve got and how you can be thankful for them. Start with the things that you’ve got that you’re not necessarily happy about. You go I’m good enough money. Well, then you say how what is the blessing in the money I get? What is the blessing in not having enough money? What’s the blessing in having a tough job? What’s the blessing in not having a great boss? What’s the blessing and having to greater Boss?

What’s the blessing in working for this company versus another company? Count your blessings, count your blessings. That’s nature. Nature is never ever punishing the past ever. Never, never, never, never, ever, ever. If you say all the COVID is the punishment on the earth, for you know, advancing to cricket, that’s rubbish. That’s rubbish. It’s garbage. Nature never looks in the revision mirror. She never punishes anything.

There’s no guilt, there’s no fear. It just does what it does. And it basically says, I know where I am, I appreciate what I’ve got, I want nothing, I need nothing. I have everything. That’s nature’s law, everything, I need nothing, I want nothing. I have everything. That’s nature’s law. And she’s grateful for what she’s got. But she might destroy it in order to get what she wants. So she might say, I have to change that cliff in order to build the ocean that I want to build. So she’s not afraid to take what she’s appreciating and build and say, Well, it’s time to unbuilt it and build something else.

That’s the masculine and feminine side of a human being. If you always wanting to disrupt, that’s the that’s the masculine side. And if you’re always wanting to own and possess and create, and build and, and create and you don’t want to let go anything. Well, that’s the feminine side. So the masculine feminine in us, the masculine and feminine, not the female and the male, the masculine, the feminine sides of us all the feminine is building, the masculine is breaking it down. So we can build the new, we sometimes need to pull the building down to get the bricks to use the bricks to build another building.

There’s the masculine or feminine heart at work. So nature has to to masculine and feminine energies working hand in hand and they’re very rarely are they seconds apart. And so when you see there’s an earthquake in Indonesia, and bless those people who lost their lives, Jesus not really good for the families. It’s really hard work. But from a nature’s point of view, no one was being punished. It’s not karma. It’s not any sort of vindication event vindictiveness.

It’s just saying Stein moved the earth a bit. Oh, and there’s some things in the way. Well, you know, that’s, that’s in the long term. That’s just what it is. So she’s not having what people call a religion, where there’s ethics, and if you break the ethics, you go to hell, that’s not how nature works. Nature just says, I know what I’m building, and I’m going to build it. That’s the l will destroy whatever I built before because I’m grateful for it, but I can let it go I’ll build something new.

So this is if you want to live in harmony with nature, you want to live in harmony within yourself. You want to have intrinsic and extrinsic values lining up. I would suggest it starts with being grateful for what you’ve got.

So sitting here on the beach, you have a beautiful day. Bye Hello

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