How to Avoid Stagnation

I’m really pleased to present for you one of the new videos from the 30 day back on track program. In this new form we’re focused on dealing with the frustration cycle. It would appear that there are three phases we all go through on a constant basis throughout the duration of our life. This can sometimes go unnoticed but it reveals itself most characteristically in our career in relationships.

When we experienced frustration, it’s a telltale of exactly what’s going on in our life at the moment. In summary, what it means is we’ve lost our vision, inspiration or purpose. What caused us to lose it is typically that we’ve grown so the cycle the frustration cycle goes:

  • Comfort Stage one, 
  • Growth, stage two, and 
  • Frustration stage three. 

When we get to that third stage, the question is going to be, do we reboot and reinvigorate ourselves and go to the next level? Or do we reach back into the period when we were growing, and try to harness some of the tools that we were using to grow further? ​

That’s ridiculous, because if you’re a Formula One racing car driver and you want to go to the next level, you don’t reach back into being a formula to racing car driver and try to get some skills from there, you reach up into the next realm.

So I think it’s really important concept to realise that the transitions that we’re constantly creating our comfort, which means we’re doing the job, we’re getting it done, and we’re on top of it, and that’s called success, growth, which means we go through a period of having to adapt and learn and experience life in a different way. And third, frustration, which means we’ve grown as far as we can, and in order, we’re not going to continue to grow at this rate and get back into the next phase of comfort, which is doing a great job.

So I want to say that even though we do vision quest and mind balance, and we do all the environmental things and rebranding that we’ve always done, including the self talk, and magnetism in the 30 Day Challenge, it might be good for those of you who’ve already done the pro-program to consider doing it again, because focusing on frustration changes the whole context of it.

It gives you red flags, it gives you warning signs it tells you when you are reaching the peak of a growth phase and likely to enter into the frustration phase. The frustration phase of life is in is revealed by the fact that we have stress, we feel overwhelmed, we want to take we want to run away from the work. We feel angry, we feel disappointed and there’s a million things but it’s not just work.

We can have all of these things taking place in a relationship and that’s not going to be covered necessarily in the in these notes right here, but it will be covered in the Back on Track program. So what I’d like you to do is watch the video that comes next because I explained some of this there and then consider doing the the 30 Day Challenge all over again, or at least some of it are in its new format.

This is Chris, you have a beautiful day. Bye for now.

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