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In this episode of ‘The Anti-Guru Guru Show,’ Chris Walker explores the crucial difference between action and reaction in the pursuit of personal mastery and inner wealth. While riding his bike, Chris delves into how our responses to pain and discomfort shape our journey, emphasising the power of enduring pain without letting it turn into […]

The Power of Feeling Good: A Key to Doing Good Introduction Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. This is Chris, and today, I want to share some important insights with you. Despite the rain on this Saturday morning, which disrupted many plans including mine and Jess’s intended bike ride, we are here on the […]

Welcome back to “The Anti-Guru Guru Show,” where we cut through the fluff and get real about the stuff that matters. Today, I’m diving into the hilarious and often misguided world of self-help and personal development. Specifically, I want to take a swipe at the notion that just because you’ve listened to a podcast or […]

Chris discusses the concept of pride and its dual nature, emphasizing the importance of self-pride for personal defense and conscious living. He warns against the dangers of associating one’s identity too closely with a public persona, which can lead to post-performance depression. Chris introduces the idea of playing characters, such as “Chris the Transition Man,” […]

I want you to look closely at this picture. These children are aged between eight years old and 12. They are Maoist gorillas. They carry weapons they make babies. They are people. At the time I visited this area of Nepal there was a war going on between the Maoist Gorillaz and the Nepalese government […]

The beauty of Nepal is beyond words so I will leave this weeks slide show to do the talking. Photos were taken over a few trips and I was joined on one trip by my then partner Isabel. She did a vision quest with the group on her trip and as a result went on […]

This is a small collection of 1000 photographs I took in Lhasa, Tibet. It brings back so powerful memories. Not all of them wonderful. Tibet was annexed by China May 1951. And so began a process of mass genocide. Over 3 million people were killed. And now, in Lhasa, the Tibetan language is forbidden. The […]

Being in nature isn’t merely about surroundings; it’s a profound experience that connects us to the world around us, just as deeply as music does. Just as nature transcends boundaries, so too does its impact on our lives, weaving through our memories, experiences, and cultures. In this exploration of life through nature, we delve into […]

Exercises for Cultivating Conscious Living: Tombstone Reflection: Set aside dedicated time each morning for quiet reflection. Contemplate what you would like to have written on your tombstone. Explore the legacy you wish to leave behind and the impact you hope to have on the world. Mindful Gratification: Practice mindfulness in daily activities, such as eating […]

TODAY’S LEARNING: Here are three exercises individuals can do to implement conscious conversation in their life and work based on the principles outlined in Lou Cox’s article: Reflection on Interpersonal Safety: Take some time to reflect on your past experiences in conversations or meetings where you felt either safe or unsafe to express yourself. Identify […]

Listen on Soundcloud, Apple, or Spotify…. Search Chris Walker Innerwealth. Soundcloud link BLOG POST TRANSCRIPT BELOW EXERCISES Here are some self-driven exercises that students can undertake to explore and integrate the learnings from the blog post (audio and transcript)  into their work or personal life: Reflection and Journaling: Set aside time each day to reflect […]

Please enjoy the video, and download the e-book Viewpoint below. Share it with those who might gain from a better viewpoint about life.         Please Download your complimentary E-Book VIEWPOINT   Finding Wisdom in the Mountains: A Journey of Self-Discovery It probably comes as no great surprise to you that I love […]

  Discover the transformative power of vision in this insightful blog post set against the picturesque backdrop of Bondi Beach. Explore the layers of vision, from legacy aspirations to daily action alignment, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and purposeful living. Gain practical insights and actionable steps to manifest your vision and inspire positive […]

LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD Unlocking Nature’s Potential: The Inner Wealth Connection In today’s fast-paced world, where screens dominate our attention and urban landscapes encroach upon natural habitats, a silent epidemic is spreading: Nature Deficit Disorder. This disorder, characterized by a diminished connection to the natural world, manifests in various forms of physical, mental, and social malaise. […]

LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD Introduction (0:00 – 0:39): Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. I’m Chris, currently down here on the beach at Bondi. It’s early morning, and as we approach the end of daylight saving time, the sunrise is becoming more vibrant. Bondi Beach is truly a hidden gem, especially in the two months […]

LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD If there were three things you could change in your life, what would they be? Be honest with yourself, what three things would you change as a priority? If you could change three things in your life, any three things, what would they be? And how would the outcome look? In other […]

You will find the audio of this post in my podcasts this week Embracing the Power of Imagination In the final segment of this insightful coaching session, I delve into the transformative potential of imagination as a tool for overcoming doubt and nurturing mental wellness. Distinguishing between fantasy, driven by pleasure, and imagination, grounded in […]

You will find the audio of this on my podcast. The Essence of Leadership Leadership, as witnessed in various cultural contexts, reveals profound insights into human interaction and the dynamics of effective communication. In indigenous communities, leadership often embodies patience and profound presence. Unlike the hurried pace of modern discourse, indigenous leaders prioritize listening and […]