This is the second lesson in the Back on Track Online 30 Day Challenge. It introduces the Back on Track Process: there is no video on this day. Human potential requires change. To live your potential you will need to be good at change. Many people are not good at it. That means many people […]

Introduction: Self-Leadership is divided into the three perfect categories to help distill the myriad of variables that are prominent in performance and lifestyle achievement. Of course, the primary requirement for good self-leadership is ambition. Live: There are no short cuts here. We all want to live a long fruitful and enjoyable life. But where living is […]

You can really boost the quality of your relationships by adding Innerwealth to your lifestyle. Innerwealth; Improves your intuition Relaxes you Gives you more sexual energy Makes you more caring Helps you have more compassion for your partner Gives you incredible strength when times are tough Creates a powerful cocoon in which to celebrate your […]

A Highly Conscious Coaching Program for Business People. We invite entrepreneurs, companies and individuals to attend this highly aware program. For many years I have trained and educated people to work as effectively as possible. The process I share, inspired thinking, encourages and enables students to become moved by an expansive vision. To be fascinated […]

At last, Life Purpose, Vision and planning all put together into a two day retreat, or a 30 day online programme. This unbelievable 2 day or 30 day online program will not only provide you with an opportunity to master plan your life but it will give you tools to stay there and manifest through […]

Now that you are enrolled in the coaching with Chris, please enjoy these video as well as hundreds more on our vimeo site. 

Now that you are enrolled in coaching with Chris Walker – please download all or any of the pdf books for your personal reading and growth. Living as nature intended, you get what nature intended: health, success and happiness. You will find a good selection of Chris’ books at AMAZON and at APPLE

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