This is the second lesson in the Back on Track Online 30 Day Challenge. It introduces the Back on Track Process: there is no video on this day.

Human potential requires change. To live your potential you will need to be good at change. Many people are not good at it.

That means many people are driving T model ford level thinking through an F1 race track. Life is a game and if we don’t change how we play, we will always be in the baby grade, suffering emotions that are more suited to children.

Life, death, success, failure, leadership, mistakes, grief, heartache, happiness, fulfilment are learnt. You learn that, the older you get the more of each you’ll have to deal with.

Back on track helps you evolve your thinking. 

Let me just give you the heads up on this from the get go.

Thinking is not just what you believe to be right or wrong. Thinking includes your health because your body feelings impact your thoughts. And your environment, the space you create for thinking, impacts thoughts too. 

More scientific impacts on your thinking include three more variables:

1. Your priorities: because people who work on low priorities sabotage their self-worth.

2. Your expectation of the future: a person who loses sight of the future, becomes depressed. So, keeping a vision and keeping it alive, no matter what happens is crucial to your thinking.

3. Finally, and strangely ignored by all but the most elite leaders and athletes, is Self-Talk. Or as some call it, your psyche. Nobody beats you up more than you, and nobody treats you better or worse than you. So, it’s really wise to get this self-talk sorted and we have magical ways of doing this.

So, there are 6 steps in the Back on Track. 

1. How you think… (Winning Mindset

2. Health (Total Human Awareness)

3. Environment (Turning up 110%)

4. Priorities (True Self-Worth)

5. Vision (Bulletproof Vision)

6. Self Talk (Take the Suck out of Success)

And the seventh

7. Results.

So, for the next week let me share how to grow in each aspect of personal change.

I think you‘ll find it really helpful in developing peace of mind and a powerful presence, all the great qualities of a partner, parent, leader and carer.

With Love and Wisdom


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