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Today’s podcasts is about the connection between how we think and what we think. The opportunity to change our viewpoint.

You can’t manage anything you can’t see the balance in.

To have a global vision, one must rise to a universal viewpoint.

In other words we must see our lives and the world on which we live in a greater context. 

A lion roaming through the desert found a little lion cub playing with a sheep. It so happened that the little lion had been brought up with the sheep, and had never had a chance to realize that he was a lion. The traveling lion was greatly surprised to see the young lion cub running away from him, with the same fear as the sheep. He jumped in amongst the flock of sheep and roared “stop!” But the sheep ran on, and the little lion also ran on. The lion pursued only the cub, not the sheep, and said; “wait, I wish to speak to you”. The cub said; “I tremble, I fear, I cannot stand before you”. The lion said, “Why are you running about with the sheep? You are a little lion yourself!” “No, I am a sheep, I tremble, I am afraid of you. Let me go. Let me go with the sheep”, said the cub. 

“Come along”, said the grown lion, “come with me. I will take you and I will show you what you are.” And he took the cub to a lake and showed him the reflection in the water. “There,” the lion said, “look at me, and look at yourself. Are we not closer in image? You are not like the sheep, you are like me”. 

If you look from this earth, this grain of sand, out into the sky, then your mind will be controlled by the small dust of existence, the worries and the struggles of this short life. Rather, throw your whole mental power into the center of the cosmos, there take your new viewpoint and then give this earth it’s just rank in the sky. It is merely a grain of sand. Compared with the rest of creation, it is so small that its absence would no more affect the great universe than the loss of one fine particle of sand taken from the beach of a thousand miles. 

Bringing this universal perspective to your life takes you to your truest nature. Happiness can never been known on the surface. We may eat sugar or drink alcohol or dance but unless joy is felt deeply then there is no sense of it. True life can only been known at the center. Living on the surface, looking at ourselves as self important beings, is as an ant in the anthill thinking it’s existence is long and significant. With self importance only a luke warm life is possible. This is not authenticity. A self important life is a shallow life. It is lived out of balance with high fluctuations of emotion. From one drama to the next there can be no peace of mind. Life, for the self important person becomes a daily routine of emotional turbulence of high and low, tension and surrender. These people almost attract drama. One thing after another gnaws at their ego. This is a very frustrating existence although on the surface it may look rich and dramatic. Ultimately it is shallow their heart and mind can have no rest. For this person their interactions become inauthentic because they have not really lived in their true nature. All they have done is danced up and down all day, running around the anthill, making noise and impressing themselves that they are alive, giving the impression of life. 

Only authentic life can become authentic relationship, and anything that is authentic, is beautiful. 

To transcend this inauthentic life needs a penetrating intensity, a different perspective. A perspective which transcends, cuts through, trivia. It is a complete change in perspective. 

Viewpoint is Everything 

If we take up the real viewpoint of life, we realize how foolish it is for humans to live in worry during their stay on this earth. 

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