For 35 years now, Christopher Walker has been a consultant, originally a consultant on global environment and corporate change, Christopher realised his inspiration to inspire the individual.

For the past 25 years Christopher Walker has been a professional coach, using his knowledge in environment management (or the laws of nature) and corporate change, Christopher has brought reality to finding and living your truth. His relentless work to bring people back to their true path has inspired countless individuals.

Professional Speaker

Chris uses the power of the human heart to weave a story of balance and personal inspiration. He focuses on technology in human potential and puts it forward with energy and commitment. You and your team will become more effective in your personal and professional lives by understanding how to be inspired, how to inspire others, how to develop peace of mind, how to develop deeper intuition and how to relax and enjoy the journey of life and work.


Chris Walker has consulted to individuals and corporations for 35 years. His background is a blend of business management (MBA) and Environmental Engineering (BE) balanced with qualifications in human development, meditation, and psychology. Christopher’s view comes from every possible angle in order to see the real truth. From Trekking and climbing the Himalayas to kayaking the waters of the Southern Ocean and practicing yoga/meditation across Southern Asia. Chris leaves no stone unturned offering guidance, coaching and consulting. There is no person more qualified to consult to you in inspired living.


Trekking in the Himalayas, bathing in Bali, cleansing in health retreats or kayaking in Canada, Chris Walker does whatever it takes to find the perfect environment to get results. These retreats are about finding answers, resolving issues and creating an inspired vision for the future. If you are looking to take the next step into inspired living, these retreats will give you the largest step you can take.


There are great masters such as Emerson, Plato and many Asian Masters (Lao Tzu) who are convinced that if mankind lived life according to the principles of nature, then we would be at peace with ourselves and with each other. It’s a philosophy not uncommon in the ways of the East but has yet to be fully grasped by the western world. Chris Walker is hoping this modern way of presenting this ancient theme will resonate with you, irrespective of your cultural or religious background.


Since the beginning of Covid our world has changed dramatically and permanently. Many people are more stressed, accidentally working less hours working from home, confused with how to be both a child care expert and a productive individual at work. This is an extraordinary change and many people are not adapting well.

We all live in these revolutionary times and our lives are being altered in ways we could never have
predicted. Every major institution is being transformed but people have not all adapted well because they just have not yet realised how much this change will impact their way of life.

These are the two core shifts that must be taken into account when planning your future and thinking about your life, work and family’s future..

  1. Your most deeply held values are in dispute and the nature of personal relationships, especially at work but also socially, is changing drastically.
  2. Your capacity to feed and house yourself, to live healthy and useful life, to work productively with others, and to pass on a decent world to your children, is in doubt.

The Solution?

If you want to generate a meaningful response to the events of the times you must evolve and do it fast.

Evolving means to honour and celebrate your unique individuality, and develop an even deeper commitment to living consciously.

You’ll need to break with convention, be more REAL and that might involve some navel gazing at times.

The lifeforce of adaptation for the global change that is happening is personal change. People who are evolving themselves in order to live productively in this new era of post covid living can create extraordinary results.

We all want to make this leap, we don’t want to see anyone left behind, becoming irrelevant, stressed and bringing that stress into their family home, we all want to see the world as a better place and to do that we need to evolve our practices for managing our health, family, business and personal relationships. And that evolution needs to happen sooner rather than later.

Inspiring you, to evolve yourself, using Innerwealth Technologies offers you the fastest, and most REAL process for this evolution.

What you will be doing by following the Innerwealth technology is you will, unlike many, thrive and be successful in this new post covid world. You will integrate spirituality,
business development, global change and life mastery into one philosophy.

For many years people have made the mistake of compartmentalising personal development with the aim of increasing quality of life, or relationship or productivity at work completely ignoring the total human being. The heart, quality of life, relationship and other aspects of the human condition have been dealt with independently.

But as you enter this era of hyper accelerated decision making the demands on you to bring your total capacity to work, including your heart, creativity, inspiration and non rational intellect, means you need a new understanding of “the Total Human Dynamic.” Personal and professional development must become one topic, and fixing a broken relationship or a stress, cannot be done in isolation to work.

In nature we are people first and compartmentalised fragmentation doesn’t exist. You can thrive when you restore and preserve that awareness. Nobody fixes half a tree.

This is your time to challenge the conventional way of managing your life. Inspired by nature and learning its secrets, reconnecting the dots, presents an insight into that potential.

You have a golden opportunity to change the way you work and relate. You are going to need a
more sophisticated understanding of the dynamics of life in order to bridge the gap
between pre covid reality and post covid future possibility.

I’m here to help you make the leap. To harness the gifts of evolving through mind development and gain a deeper understanding of the human condition, human nature.

Life management and personal growth must be deep yet simple, and most of all it must be REAL.

The future is awesome. But more than amassed capital or technology or knowledge or network connections, it is a fast evolving, adaptive and inventive approach to life that will determine who recognises new resources, creates global brands, builds humanitarian business and keeps their mind, body and spirit alive to enjoy the results.

So what does this evolving state of mind look like in the REAL world?

As always you’ll need to be keen to work as effectively as possible. And that’s ground zero for evolving. You’ll need a good work based goal and the appetite to achieve it. Watching Netflix or idle time doing yoga or bike riding for fun won’t cut it. You’ll be moved, no, inspired by
an expansive vision.That creates the desire to be continually fascinated by life and driven to experience it fully, not wasting a moment in unnecessary emotional downers or thinking unrealistic expectations of yourself and life. You’ll have the tools and skills to respond well to change although you will not always like it. Challenge is part of nature’s evolutionary mechanism and so is stress, but, you’ll develop the daily habits that allow you to think clearly even when information is uncertain and your belief structures are challenged. Through the Universal Laws of Nature you’ll easily see
connections between a fast moving world and your vision, and have open and
receptive heart and awesome state of mind that is not paralysed by information you had not expected. By being REAL and understanding human nature, firstly your own and therefore other’s, you will master the art of working with people and be 100% able to turn up in life, communicate
honestly, pursue compelling vision and engage with integrity.

For all this, things must be kept absolutely simple. Inspiration, radical curiosity and wisdom from the heart are the keys.The primary focus is the opportunity to be more fulfilled and more aware of our inner resources (innerwealth) as well as our outer ones, (talents, wealth and skills).

Automatically you’ll find yourself thinking with a global consciousness and you will naturally look at the consequences of your actions in long-term as well as the short-term return.

This inner awareness is a state available to us all, and it is definitely not separated from daily life. Inner awareness of heart and values can coexist with outer motivation and goals, and this is the target state that you will achieve through evolving your self management.

If you are reading or listening to this, then you are one of those unique leaders throughout the world who will step forward to accept this challenge. You are one of those leaders who will take their businesses and families into the future, prepared and equipped to sustain the evolution and reach a higher potential.

Only those who invest time and effort in this personal alignment with this change will do this well.

Those who assume they can cause other people and organisations to change while they themselves stand still will not be effective. Their understanding of new forces will be inadequate. Their
decisions will be unrealistic.

The opportunity to make a difference in your world exist within the boundaries
of your professional and personal development.

Evolving those changes are fundamental to your happiness, health and success in this new era.

Drilling down a bit here, evolving means understanding clearly the difference between motivation (outside) and inspiration (inside) drive. It also means creating environments where your true nature thrives. Those environments are different for everyone. So, there is a chunk of self-awareness needed. You will already know that when the conditions are right you thrive and your mission is to create that condition as much as possible.

Becoming that independent (self-sufficient and self-aware), socially conscious and inspired individual is the outcome.

Live with Spirit!


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