The first question in any course, in anything you do, is to ask do you really want it? And do you really need it? Which in this course, about mind change, comes down to a question which says Are you going in the direction that you want to be going in? If the answer is yes, then you don’t need to change your mind. And you shouldn’t be doing this course. It’s not for you.

This course is not an education program or a training program of any description. What it is, is a course that teaches you how to change your mind. Which means, if you go in the direction of your dominant thought, are your dominant thoughts taking you where you want to go? And the answer to that will be, are you happy with the trajectory of your life? Are you happy with the process, the way you’re going? Where you’re getting to? And are you happy with how you’re getting there? So, you might be doing really well at work and doing really well at home, but you might feel really depressed or stressed or down in the dumps, and that means the process of getting there is clumsy.

At the same token, you might be as happy as happy, and enjoying life and loving the time you spend, and thriving and being healthy, and running around the block and going to the gym and getting it all right, and having lots of great sex and having super fun. But the process, which is fantastic in this case, is not getting you promoted at work or to the career you want, and so you have a great deal of uncertainty about the future. So, I would say this, before you begin this course, make sure you have a motivation or a motive for doing it that’s appropriate.

Do you really want to change your mind? Change your mind to enjoy the present, or change your mind to manifest a different future? If the answer is no to either of those questions, this course is not for you. But anybody else who wants to process and progress in the course needs to be motivated to do the work and to stick with it. The question will be then, if the future and if the present is not what you want, what is what you want? This is the primary question, isn’t it? What’s the difference between what you’ve got and what you want? Can you write that down on a sheet of paper? Get your notepad out and write down what’s the difference between what you’ve got and what you want? What’s the difference between where you’re going in the future and what you’d love to be going toward in the future? What’s the difference? Don’t be afraid of pushing that out.

Don’t be afraid of saying, well, next month or next year or the next 10 years. Don’t be afraid to push your mind to say, if I continue on this trajectory, am I going to get what I want? And if it’s not, what is it that I want? Because if it’s not, it reveals you know something. You know what you want.

You know where you would love to be. You know what you would love to cause and manifest and create. And if where you’re going doesn’t feel like you’re going to get there, if you’re relying on luck, hoping somebody else gives you the lucky break, putting your life in the hands of another person for your happiness, putting your life in the hands of your past, your parents, your friends, if you’re putting your destiny in the hands of another person, it’s time to pull it back and maybe say, I’m the master of my destiny and give yourself the chance of being the power in your own life, being the power of change.

Maybe you could even say, is the world going where I want it to go? Is life going where I want it to go? And if it’s not, where would you like it to go? And put that down on a piece of paper and say, well, my life’s fine, but my influence on the planet, my influence on my friends, my influence on my business, my influence on the world at large, the environment, the oceans is not what I want and this is what I want. And put that down and get it registered on a piece of paper so we know where you would like to change your mind to go. Because if you change your mind just to get happy, that’s going to be a beautiful process.

You’re going to get the process right, but the question’s going to be, is the process going to lead to the outcome? And you might be heading towards the outcome you want, but your process is wrong if you’re not happy and enjoying life. So these are the things we need to get scripted down on a nice big A3 sheet of paper with a big marker pen and you need to scribble creatively with different, if you need to, different colours. Do not write this in a computer with a keyboard.

This is not that sort of shit. This is mind change. Mind is tactile.

Mind is real. It’s not technology. You can leave AI to do its work on the computer.

The thing for you will be, can you write it? Can you feel it? Can you experience it? Can you be honest with yourself? Can you write it and see it written on a piece of paper in your scribble, in your sketches? You may even want to draw it. So, question one, day one. What do you want? Are you happy with what you’ve got? If you are, if your process is good, if you’re happy, if your process is good and you’re happy and you’re going where you want to go, nothing to change.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Not the right time to do this course. If you’re not happy with where you are and therefore the process is not working for you, you’re not in a good, joyful place or at peace with yourself and you’re not going where you want to go, this course is for you.

First step, write down where you want to be. Write down what the difference between what you’ve got and what you want really is. This is Chris.

You have a great day. Enjoy yourself. Bye.

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