How to Manage Culture Change E-Book

Changing the culture of a business is easy, given time. But rarely do we have that time. Usually we have strategy set, a structure in place and culture that lags behind. Why? Why do culture’s lag behind strategy?

For the most part the answer is because we try to be humanitarian in the process of change. We try to “engage” people in the process of change. In doing so, we invest huge energy to convince employees that a new behaviour and new ways of operating are in their best interest. For 50% of the people, it works. For the other 50% they believe things were better the way they used to be. Who got it right? Well both actually.

The best a fastest way to implement culture change is a big check book. Fire half the staff, pay the remaining half the money saved, then in six months, do it again. You end up with highly paid, on target employees and the non performers end up at companies who don’t mind.

It sounds harsh. So, let’s explore the more compassionate option of managed culture change. Please see the booklet attached.

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