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From time to time you get tired. Sometimes it’s from over exercising. Sometimes it’s from lack of sleep. But the end result of feeling tired is never good. It affects your mood, it affects your relationship with other people and it certainly affects your performance at work. It’s easy to blame something for your tiredness. But before you do let me give you a few ideas about how to prevent it. Please watch the video.

This week I have released quite a few 30 day challenge videos to the Spotify website. You can find those at this link. Because of the random nature of these Vodcasts it makes for a really good refreshment of your own 30 day challenge and anything you’ve learnt previously as we come to the close of the year.

The question you can ask yourself at this time of the year, is whether you are living to work or working to live. You see, work, as such is a means of earning income. But your life purpose is something more. Your life purpose, your vision, your inspiration, and your purpose are things you do not just for money. You can ask yourself these questions when you’re going to work. Am I going to work because this fulfil me and fulfil my purpose or am I going to work just to keep my job so that I keep an income coming in.

The difference between these two outcomes is radical. Stress will become a life changing experience. If you are going to work simply to keep your job and earning income. If you can link your work to your purpose and your vision, then stress becomes an enjoyable experience on route to your destination. Work becomes a spiritual experience, as well as a financial one. It is also worth considering the state of mind you are coming home to your family in. If you think you can disguise your stress and your anxiety and worries from the kids and your spouse, you’re kidding yourself.

The pain of regret always outweigh the pain of discipline. The discipline does not necessarily suggest that you shouldn’t work hard, and that work will not be a stressful experience. The discipline is linking your work to your purpose and linking your purpose to your life and linking everything you do to that purpose. When this happens everything changes. Stress becomes laughable. It’s your choice and I hope by studying in a wealth and your power for success. You will be able to recognise the difference between the ignorant way of living and the way of living that will keep you happy, healthy and successful for the entirety of your life. That’s my mission to help you achieve that.

But it’s not just about you. When one person, you, for example has a purpose greater than themselves everything around them changes. Their family changes their extended family changes their work family changes, and therefore the world changes. I truly believe that we change the world, one heart at a time when we learn the difference between emotional reactive living and emotionally, active living. When we live emotionally active, we think in a different way than reactive. The four key components of an emotionally, active life are generosity, kindness, compassion, and thankfulness. Those four are also the components of a magnificent vision statement. Have you done yours lately?

Hope you’ve enjoyed this and please enjoy the video that I’ve created for you. I wish you well and inspiration at work and at home and in your health. With love and wisdom, Chris.

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