Embracing R.E.A.L. in a World of Negative Knowledge

In this transcript, Chris discusses the importance of being R.E.A.L. (Reality, Energy, Attitude, Life) and the dangers of accumulating negative knowledge. He explains that absorbing negative information, whether from news or personal stories, is toxic and can lead to poor health and decision-making. Instead of reacting to negative stories, he advises recognising the dual nature of events and maintaining a balanced perspective. Chris emphasises the need for self-responsibility and accountability in managing negative information, encouraging a focus on reality and the universal laws of nature to stay grounded and healthy.

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I want to talk to you about something extremely important: the accumulation of negative knowledge and the importance of being R.E.A.L. (Reality, Energy, Attitude, Life).

The Illusion of Negative Knowledge

Let’s say, hypothetically, you hear about murders taking place at Bondi Junction, an earthquake and landslide in New Guinea wiping out 1,000 people, a terrorist attack in Gaza, or threats to the world population from AI. Add to that some bad news around your business, and you accumulate all this negative information. When you go home, and your partner or a family member shares a sad tale about potential job redundancies, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

The Illusionary and Emotional State of Negative Knowledge

Be very careful when you find yourself giving advice based on this negative information. If someone says they will be fired or expresses fear about local events or sadness over global tragedies, giving advice based on that negative knowledge makes you part of it. Even if your intention is to help them overcome their fear, sadness, or disappointment, you’ve essentially bought into an illusionary and emotional state of mind. Negative information is toxic, affecting your health and life by accumulating inside you and prompting reactions to get rid of it.

The Impact of Negative Knowledge

Negative information starts to accumulate inside you, impacting your mental, physical, and emotional health. This is because reacting to negative stories often leads to decisions or actions contrary to what you would do in a positive state of mind. The gap between absorbing negative information and finding an antidote (a positive story) is often too long. During this gap, the negative story can affect your cells, DNA, and overall well-being, leading you to make choices contrary to your true intentions.

The Role of Being R.E.A.L.

Inner Wealth, my work, aims to address this cost of absorbing negative information and reacting to it. This work is crucial because every single emotional, mental, and human problem stems from unrealistic thinking processes. These problems arise from fantasy, illusions, and the subliminal reception of dark or negative stories. Being R.E.A.L. (Reality, Energy, Attitude, Life) helps you navigate this.


Every story has two sides. When someone shares a negative story, it’s important to recognise the silver lining and the benefits hidden within it. This understanding helps you stay grounded and avoid the illusionary state of mind.


Negative knowledge drains your energy. By focusing on the positive aspects and maintaining a balanced view, you preserve your energy and avoid the toxicity of negative information.


Adopting a positive attitude towards every story, recognising the dual nature of events, and maintaining a constructive perspective helps you stay resilient and unaffected by negativity.


Living a life based on the principles of nature and reality ensures that illusions and emotional states do not sway you. This holistic approach keeps you grounded and healthy.

Responding to Negative Stories with R.E.A.L.

Next time someone tells you a story with a negative ending and expresses worry or upset, it’s not your job to inform them of the other side of their story unless they explicitly ask for help in finding a different perspective. They may want you to listen. The second you start helping them fix something negative, you become part of that negativity, assuming their story doesn’t have a positive side. However, every story has both positives and negatives.

Self-Responsibility and Accountability

When someone shares a negative story, thinking before you speak is crucial. Ask yourself:

  1. Did they ask me to contradict their story?
  2. Do they just want me to listen?
  3. Do I know the opposite of this negative story?

Understanding the laws of nature and the universe helps you remain unaffected by others’ negativity. It allows you to be present and listen without absorbing the negativity. This balance is essential for maintaining your well-being and effectively supporting those around you.


Embracing the principles of being R.E.A.L. is essential for navigating a world filled with negative knowledge. This approach helps you stay solid and real in a world increasingly disconnected from the truth and reality of nature. If you’d like to discuss this further in your coaching session, please make a note and bring it along.

This is Chris. You have a great day. Bye for now.

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