Embracing Reality and Harnessing Energy: A Path to Inner Wealth

Greetings from Bondi Beach

Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. This is Chris, coming to you with a little cold, so please excuse the sniffles. Everything’s going great here at the moment. The kids have gone to school, and it’s just a spectacular day. Audio is Below

Starting the Day Right

I’ve just completed 52 minutes of my morning routine, and it’s a beautiful way to start the day, focusing on one heart at a time. Today, I want to delve into something that’s very important to me and, I believe, important to you as well. This is about moving beyond the notion of mass-market statements to embrace a REAL brand of inner well-being.

REAL Brand and Inner Well-Being

Let’s talk about what REAL stands for and how it becomes part of our vernacular, helping us navigate through the noise in our brains so we can hear ourselves think—an incredibly important skill. We’ve explored nature’s universal laws and experienced the magnificence of being out in nature, capturing its beauty in photos, and bringing that essence home. We’ve also covered vision, inspiration, and purpose—key elements for an open heart.

Vision, Inspiration, and Purpose

An open heart must have these three components: a vision of the future that inspires confidence, inspiration from being present in the moment, and a purpose that gives us a sense of greater presence and understanding. These elements culminate in what I call a winning mindset, characterized by gratitude and enlightenment.

Embracing Gratitude

Gratitude is not just about being thankful for what goes right but also for what goes wrong. It’s about appreciating everything that transpires, even the flu I’ve caught. Not everything goes according to plan, and that’s where gratitude becomes crucial. It’s about being grateful for both the good and the bad and understanding that there is value in every experience.

The Importance of Reality

We are part of the universe’s infrastructure every waking second of our existence. Stress, worry, and anxiety often cloud our ability to celebrate reality. Whether dealing with significant issues like the recent Bondi Junction incident or personal challenges, we must recognize that every moment has its benefits and drawbacks. We are meant to be where we are, even if it sometimes doesn’t feel like it.

Seeing the Beauty in Chaos

There is sublime perfection in every moment. This enlightened viewpoint allows us to see the beauty in our current circumstances, no matter how challenging they may be. For instance, if you train for a marathon and something goes wrong, like getting a blister, you should still smile and celebrate crossing the finish line. Understanding reality through the lens of universal laws gives us an x-ray vision to see through situations, making us unflappable and resilient.

Reality in Leadership

As leaders, it’s vital to see order in chaos and beauty in everything. A common misconception is that a growth mindset means we must learn from our mistakes and do better next time. However, this perspective overlooks the inherent balance in every event. There is always a right and wrong side to every situation; acknowledging this balance helps us maintain our integrity and identity.

Respecting Energy

Energy management is another crucial aspect. We are essentially bundles of energy, and how we manage this energy affects our overall well-being. The sun is a primary energy source, and consuming food that has absorbed sunlight, surrounding ourselves with objects made with respect, and wearing clothes produced sustainably all contribute to maintaining good energy.

Energy in Daily Life

Surrounding ourselves with positive energy is essential, whether through the tools we use or the people we interact with. I invest in quality tools that align with my values, like my brand-new iPad Pro and other Apple devices. These tools, made by companies with integrity, enhance my productivity and well-being.

Becoming Great at Something

Jerry Seinfeld once said that the secret to life is finding something you’re fairly good at and becoming great at it. This dedication requires energy, not just in terms of effort but in maintaining a well-charged internal battery. It’s about holding your energy and not discharging it unnecessarily, ensuring you have the power to pursue your mission and purpose.

Maintaining a Full Battery

The fastest athletes in the world aren’t necessarily fully exhausted at the end of their performances because they’ve learned to hold their energy, keeping their battery full while they do what they do. Tiredness and recovery time are essential for keeping the battery topped up, and it’s wise not to engage in activities that waste energy during recovery. This is all about personal magnetism.

The Power of Attitude

If we were given a book at birth about what we can control throughout our lives, it would open to the chapter on attitude. How we think determines how we feel, which in turn determines what we do. This circular process can be influenced only by our attitude. Maintaining a positive attitude—gratitude, health, or positivity—shapes everything around us.

Attitude in Action

Our attitude is the external demonstration of our inner thoughts and feelings. Enthusiasm is a crucial part of attitude, encapsulated in the acronym GIVE (Gratitude, Inspiration, Vision, Enthusiasm). I believe an attitude of appreciation and respect is vital. While entitlement can be powerful, it lacks the depth of gratitude. Fixing our attitude ensures that everything else will align with it.

Embracing Life Fully

Life encompasses all seven areas of our existence. Although we control only one aspect—our attitude—we can still have ambitions and commit to making every moment count. Life has an end date, and living with joy and gratitude, even in challenging situations, is essential. This mindset closes the loop between recognizing the magnificence of reality, maintaining energy, and having a positive attitude.

The Antidote to Mental Health Issues

REAL, for me, is the antidote to feeling sorry for ourselves, feeling like victims, and various mental health problems that are increasingly prevalent. We can prevent many of these issues by embracing reality, managing our energy, maintaining a positive attitude, and fully living life.

Conclusion: Be Real

I hope you can take some of what I’ve shared today and start to think about it. Maybe even put up a little sticker on your wall that says, “Be Real.” This is Chris. I wish you a great day. Bye for now.

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