Embracing Your Unique Path

In this transcript, Chris shares his excitement about watching whales at Ben Buckler and emphasises the importance of recognising one’s unique individuality. He criticises the generic nature of commercial personal development materials, advocating for a more personalised approach. Chris highlights that each person is unique and that true personal development requires daily commitment. He introduces his “Back on Track” process, which includes six steps leading to desired results. Chris concludes by encouraging listeners to embrace their individuality and avoid generic solutions.

The Pitfall of Generic Personal Development

I hope you’re not someone who relies on generic material in your quest to be a unique individual. When it comes to human development and personal growth, whether it’s through my work, Anthony Robbins, or any great book, the aim is often to appeal to the masses. However, the true essence of personal development cannot be generic. To commercialise and make a profit, materials are often simplified and made generic.

If you’re looking for specific, tailored advice, academic papers and doctoral theses might be your best bet. These works are not written for commercial viability but for academic evaluation, providing unique insights that may not be found in mainstream publications.


The Importance of Personalised Approaches

Every service provider, be it a hospital, a dentist, a book author, or a TV show, needs to be profitable. They cater to a common mindset to attract a broad audience. However, true personal development requires a tailored approach. Just as a surgeon treats each heart or brain as unique, so too must we approach our thoughts, bodies, lives, and futures.

This realisation led me to transition from keynote speeches and large group training sessions to one-on-one coaching. Each individual’s identity, environment, and life experiences are unique. Embracing this uniqueness is crucial for genuine growth.

Celebrating Your Individuality

No one perfectly walks their talk. We all limp through life, working on what we teach. It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to fix what isn’t broken. My work often focuses on helping people celebrate and embrace who they are before attempting to change. Many people get frustrated or angry because they believe they should be doing better. However, it’s essential to understand and appreciate your current environment and circumstances.

Leaving a situation or person that frustrates you won’t necessarily solve the problem. You might encounter similar frustrations elsewhere. Rising above these challenges to find joy, happiness, and success is vital. Worry is the biggest killer, more than any war or disease. Despite all the measures we take to prevent worry, it remains a significant issue.

The Purpose of Personal Development

The goal of personal development is to help you stop worrying and start living. It’s about setting clear goals and understanding the steps needed to achieve them. Personal development is not a one-time activity but a daily routine. This is why I created the Back on Track process. It’s a tool to help you stay on track daily, ensuring you make small adjustments rather than hitting a wall and needing significant recovery time.

The Back on Track Process

The Back on Track process consists of seven steps, culminating in the results you desire. These steps are designed to guide you in a structured way, helping you stay focused and on track. If you’re unfamiliar with this process, I encourage you to learn and incorporate it into your daily routine.

Unique Solutions for Unique Individuals

Be wary of generic information. Seek out specific questions that lead to unique answers. For example, peace on earth sounds good in theory, but it’s not a realistic or practical goal. Similarly, unique solutions are necessary for unique individuals. Just as two children from the same family can be vastly different, so too are our personal experiences and needs.

Final Thoughts from Ben Buckler

As you listen to the waves in the background and my voice, remember to stay real, embrace the messiness of life, and continue growing. If you know someone who could benefit from these insights, please share this post. Your comments and love are always appreciated.

This is Chris. Have a great day. If you enjoyed this post, share it with a friend who needs a reality check. Until next time, keep it real, keep it messy, and keep practising. See you soon!

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