How to Make Wiser Decisions

TRANSCRIPTGood morning, good afternoon, wherever you are, this is Chris and today we’re talking about something quite intriguing. And that’s the concept of the helicopter mindset. We understand what a helicopter can do it can rise above things vertically and it can look down upon the situation and see what’s going on and get a really clear view police use them, rescue use them, the military use them the drones are another form of helicopter. Satellites are another form of helicopter.

When we are in something, it’s impossible, absolutely impossible to see the balance in it. We are like a rocking boat in an ocean. And when someone says what’s the Bennett? It’s impossible to it’s impossible. But if we’re not in the boat, if we’re in a helicopter or if we’re in a spaceship, or if we’re sitting on the moon we look at something was pretty easy to see. There’s two reasons why it becomes easier Firstly, because we can witness local and non local now, this is a really hard part of the laws of nature, the universal laws, because whether something’s informed or not informed, or whether it’s visible or not visible, it forms part of the balance equation.

So for example, it might be freezing cold in Bondi but boiling hot in some parts of Queensland. If I’m in Bondi and shivering, I can’t see Queensland and I can’t see someone being very hot. So I can only hypothesise that there could be a place but if I got into a spaceship and when our PI enough on a virgin’s new space shuttle, I could certainly see with a heat map, where it’s hot and cold, and I would see therefore the balance. If I’m at the same token in trauma of any sort, and I’m sad it’s impossible for me to see that some part of my life is not sad, is happy.

For example, if I lose a contract at work, or if I have a dispute with someone at work, and someone says, Are you emotionally disturbed by that, and the answer might be, I’m very triggered. But if I rose up and I saw that my children are happy, or my home is nice, and if I could see my cellular part of my body is in a good place or my bank account hasn’t shifted. It would not be hard for me to see that there’s balance in my life and balance when you see balance in your life that brings up the spiritual aspect of life and brings up the centred and calm and the balanced part of life. 

Einstein said you can’t solve a problem from the level at which the problem is happening. And so this helicopter idea leads us to the idea of an emotional shower and emotional shower has four columns. First column is what’s the good news. And the second column is what’s the bad news about the good news? The third column is what’s the bad news? And the fourth column is what’s the bad news? What’s the good news about that third column? What’s the good news about the bad news?

And the whole idea of this is to to take the mind from its lowest level which is bipolar, reactive. fight flight, got to have to thinking which is extreme, extreme one or the other up until it gets to a point where it can’t think and in a point where it can’t think you might perceive that the brain is not functioning. But then we tap into the inspired part of the brain, which is where great decisions are made artists work. Inspiration comes and where unique thinking itself comes from because at the higher levels of brain, nothing comes from us. It comes through us. And so the idea is to try to reach that higher level of thinking as often as possible, and the secret is to be in the world. Therefore walking around the streets, but not of the world.

Don’t be thinking from the viewpoint of being in the world and that’s a biblical quote, be in the world but not of the world. And in Walker language that means helicopter mindset emotional shower, see the balance. Local and non local are both validated in this concept.

This is Chris, you have a beautiful day. Bye for now.

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