How to Improve Engagement

When it comes to engagement, which is a hot topic at the moment, there are two aspects we need to deal with. One is the head, and the other is the heart. It’s very easy to deal with the head because it wants stuff. And if you dangle a carrot out there and say, Look, I’ll give you what you want. People will be engaged or motivated as it’s called.

But I’m more interested here and in a wealth in the concept of inspiring people. And I’d like to introduce you to what’s called the LCM process. The LCM process means loyalty, commitment, and motivation, although we’re gonna raise it up a notch and call it inspiration, LCI. 

TRANSCRIPTLCI means loyalty, commitment, inspiration, we get all three from only from the heart. The way to do this. And the way to engage the heart in business is to do five columns on a sheet of paper. And I’ll take you through them right now. The first column is, what’s the job at hand? What are the what’s the thing you want to be inspired to do? Now, this doesn’t matter whether you like it or don’t don’t like it, it’s not important. The head wants to like and dislike stuff, that’s the ego, but the heart does it. And what we’re trying to do humans engage the heart. So the first column is, what’s the job description? What do you have to do? Is it taking the garbage out? Is it going on a diet? Or is it performing some particular function of work? That’s very critical. The third column, skip the second for the time being. The third column is what do you want? What’s in your heart? What do you want to be doing have in life? What do you want? What’s your vision? What’s your inspiration? What’s your aspiration? This is the stuff where you’re starting to dream about your future. The fifth column, skipping the fourth for the moment, the fifth column is what is the company want? What’s the mission, vision purpose of the organization you work for? And that’s asking you to sort of lead upwards think upwards, as to what the overarching mission, vision and purpose of the business is now, I coached businesses to do a seven areas of life vision statement. In other words, create seven aspects of a vision that you can hook into the second column, going back to that links, what you got to do with what you want. In other words, what’s in your head in first column, the task at hand, and what’s in your heart in the third column, and if you can link those two, you become inspired. The fourth column links what you’ve got to do in the first column with what the company is inspired to do. In the fifth column. It makes you a team player. It makes you willing and a worthy participant in an organization team structure. Have a great day. Bye for now.

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