Episode 55. Your body believes everything you think, do and say

Your body believes everything you think, do and say. This is bought to you by the universal laws of nature, number 2. You Evolve at the border of order and chaos.

By measuring acidity, blood chemistry, and sweat scientist can determine which level of brain function you are operating at. They cannot tell you what you are thinking about, but they can tell you at what level of human consciousness you were functioning. In their language, they can tell you which part of the brain was active. Therefore, what you are watching on TV can determine how long you’re going to live. But do you care?

evolving means that what once traumatised you doesn’t any more. Therefore, if you are at work right now and you are being stressed by the same things that stressed you before Covid, you are seriously stuck. Yes, you may be traumatised, but if you are being traumatised by what people say or think or what your boss wants you to do and you haven’t got enough time for and that is what was getting you down prior to Covid then you are seriously stuck. And scientist can measure this serious stuckness in your blood. And in your blood is the causation of your health and longevity.

Before Covid they were things that stressed you. If life progressed without the stay at home dictation of the Covid virus you would now be immortal evolved person. Many people during this hiatus of Covid, watch Netflix, homeschool their children and in someway or another survived this terrible lockdown period without doing any personal development. Now that Covid is over the expectation is that both personal development and the capacity to do work has increased over the Covid period. Companies are pushing down on their employees as if there has been a consistent evolution in productivity, irrespective of the holiday Covid accidentally created.

so there are a few things that you can do to accelerate your evolution. They are all based on one single mantra which is “get more done in less time.”

you might say I can only do so much in one day. But here’s the guarantee. The person who is creative and evolving, given your experience, could do your job in half the time. In other words they could cut out the unnecessary meetings, shorten every conversation, deliver all the outcomes and still have time for a cup of tea. But this would require a few important critical factors to be different to what is now the common norm.

  1. Be nice.
  2. Give or take no excuses.
  3. Give no surprises to anybody.
  4. Don’t spend time talking about what you could do, do it.
  5. Eliminate all conversations about the company, people, and your job. Focus only on doing it.
  6. Focus on what you are doing single-mindedly. Eliminate all distractions.
  7. Cut yourself time each hour to connect with people joyfully. That’s about 10 minutes.
  8. Do not let any meeting, conversation, communication extend over the time given in your calendar.
  9. Remember 100% the customer is always right. Deliver more than expected and never fail.
  10. If there is an experiment to be done, if there is a new idea to be explored, do not do this in real time.
  11. Remember that you are not what you think and therefore you are not your job.
  12. Stop worrying, it doesn’t fix anything. That is called ruminating and you may as well spend the time masturbating.
  13. if something goes wrong, something you regret, find out the blessing, find out what happened to you and what you learnt from it, and exaggerate the gift of that event 10 times more than you think is necessary for it to go away.
  14. Never talk about work problems to your spouse. That is so stupid.
  15. If you can’t solve a problem it’s not because you can’t solve the problem it’s because you’re asking the wrong question. Instead of asking the question to 30 people, work out 30 different questions you can ask.
  16. There is no better place to be than where you are right now. If you learn from where you are right now there is no worst place to be because there’s nothing for you to learn. You will know when it’s time to move on because you don’t want to.
  17. If you want to die Young, or if you want to be crippled in later life with some form of dementia or something similar worry your arse off. If you want to live long and have quality of life for the duration of the long life, you’re going to have to work out how to be at work happy, laughing, producing, enjoying, loving, and relaxing. If you’re not feeling those feeling while you work you’re deliberately committing what is called slow suicide. Remember, 90% of the worlds population do not die of old age.
  18. Your family deserves better than I worried, stressed, nervous, insecure, stupid, anxious, uncertain and frightened person coming home from work stressed out because they didn’t get it all done. For goodness sake wake up and smell the roses.
  19. You cannot fail. The word fail means die. If you want to die just wait until you’re old and it will happen automatically. There’s no need to accelerate that process. Instead of fail work out another word that you can use that is so cool, so believable, that even you, in your mind and therefore your body believe it, and it will make you well.
  20. People are catching the flu right now after the Covid virus because they are weak. They are not weak from having been locked up, they are not weak from having Covid injections, they are not weak from having two years lolling about in the home, they are weak because they are stressed and only weak people get stressed. Stress is the sign of mental and emotional poverty. It is not a sign of working hard, doing well, trying hard, being fantastic, caring about anything, stress is stupidity if you want to join that family of people, the tribe of stupid, you are welcome and your body will know your decision.

that’s it, remember evolve ya bastard

with Spirit

Chris the anti-Guru Guru Walker.

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