Episode 65. Link your daily deeds with your purpose

Today’s episode bought to you by the fifth universal law, the universal law of hierarchy. The one and the many.

Is your life organised chaos or disorganised chaos?

When you go out in nature no matter what happens, it is organised chaos. Even being chased by a bear you have a single point of focus. Run away. 

When you are driving you have disorganised chaos if you are stuck in traffic, listening to a podcast, worrying about work, thinking about home, scratching an itch, smelling your gym bag and looking forward to a beer tonight.

The thing about life in this fast lane is disorganised chaos can become the norm. But, some people are great at multitasking and so, the degree of disorganisation they can enjoy and be healthy in, feel still organised, varies to someone like me who can never enjoy multi tasking and two things happening at once is a nightmare. My capacity when moving from organised chaos to disorganised chaos is very low. It is, no doubt why I was a great engineer, and now do this work.

Disorganised chaos takes people down. So, no matter whether you have a high or low tolerance for it, when chaos moves from organised to disorganised, it is negative. The only variable is at what point it happens and what you may have come to think of as your default.

A disrupted domestic life added to work leadership is disorganised chaos and no matter how you argue that you’re coping with both, it is disrupted. Imagine sitting for your final exams in any demanding profession while dealing with significant disruption at home. You would not do your best.

And so, it is this mantle on which Innerwealth is built. How to turn chaos into order. The more of this you can do, the better you will be in life, health, family and work.

The first thing we do in innerwealth is to demonstrate the order in chaos. Using the five solutions to every chaos, the universal laws. By applying those universal principles we eliminate 99% of chaos at the root. For example, a domestic problem is not a domestic problem if you look at it through the eyes of the universal laws. 

A domestic problem is:

  1. A mirroring of some quality in us we do not like. Hence the discard form. 
  2. A reflection of a lack of personal vision, usually one outgrown.
  3. An indication of imbalance usually dissatisfaction at work and therefore unrealistic expectation at home.

All three, and there are more. Can lead to an evolution in the human condition. But most people try to fix their partner or isolate themselves with excess work load or substances, or affairs or even spiritual meditations.

The four substitutes are used when the human spirit is dead. The human spirit dies when we do not evolve but instead, blame the relationship or the job for disorganised chaos in our lives. 

That’s the enemy of Innerwealth. Blame.

All personal problems are resolved by application of the principle of moving disorganised chaos to finding order in the chaos. The faster you can do it, the less time you spend in “repair mode.” 

For example: when you walk on the beach, go for a ride, take a break, are you recovering from stress or dealing with a headspace that’s filled with worry about something past or future or are you just going for that time out to be at peace with the world and yourself? It’s amazing how easily you lose that space. 

I have a bruised or broken rib. I choose not to go to the doctor about it because there’s little they can do. It hurts. When I walk the beach or sit here typing it hurts and so it can easily intrude and become disorganised chaos. Not because of the pain which is uncomfortable, but because of worry or anxiety that I have self-diagnosed and might have uncertainty about it.

So, uncertainty is the devil. Chaos is uncertainty about the past, present and future. At some level, uncertainty can attack our self-worth, uncertainty can drive us toward the bipolar level of thinking which is fight flight, Below which we feel suicidal. Therefore uncertainty can attack the human spirit at the very core. And so, while my rib is painful, I have absolutely no uncertainty about the process. However, if I do start to worry about the diagnosis and cure, I’ll be off the the doc like a rat up a drain pipe.

Uncertainty can attack us in all seven areas of life. 

  1. Uncertainty of relationship (not sure it’s the right one)
  2. Uncertainty of money (not sure we can get paid enough to pay the bills)
  3. Uncertainty of career (not sure that we’re in the right job or will be employed)
  4. Uncertainty of health (worried about the creeks and groans of body function)
  5. Uncertainty of social (not sure our life is worth struggling for and acceptance)
  6. Uncertainty of mind (self-confidence not sure about how to think or what to think and when)
  7. Uncertainty of spiritual (Disorganised chaos in any aspect of life)

This dark force of life is very important. 

You already know that there are two sides to everything and I know that you do not want to think that there is only one side to uncertainty. Therefore let us explore the benefits.

Uncertainty makes us available, vulnerable, questioning, awake, intimate, needy, aspirational, motivated, driven, resilient, all because it cracks the shell of our certainty. Certainty, is the opposite to uncertainty and it can be a mask or the truth. Certainty is easily mistaken for hard headed aggressive thinking. But that only leads to trouble and so uncertainty is an ice breaker.

Uncertainty is a guide to our learning path.

So now we know why uncertainty exists and we won’t need to be critical of ourselves or others for having it. We know, from the second universal law of nature that we grow at the border of uncertainty and certainty and therefore, it’s wise not to beat ourselves up for it. By growing – evolving, we guarantee to introduce more uncertainty as well as certainty into our lives.

In human development it is really wise not to promise things that you cannot deliver. 

Certainty is a promise too many companies and guru’s offer. But that just births disappointment and buyer remorse. It is wiser to say that you will offer staged  certainty through 8 realms of growth and therefore, when the first is done, offer the next tp combat the new uncertainty. It always happens so why not predict it and create realistic expectations?

For example: I offer a free level of coaching where the blogs and pods do their work to help people deal with minor disorganised chaos.

Then I offer the 30 day challenge without appology that it is the first stage in a coaching journey of diving into human potential and achievement of greatness, the second stage. But unlike the mentors of the past, I have not presented the adventure of studying the organisation of disruptive chaos into steps or realms of progress. This is my choice and it makes it hard for those I coach to translate long term coaching into a progression they can measure.

The reason I do this is that I made a commitment to myself and the universal laws that I would teach without commercial intent. So, instead of offering layers of courses and stages of learning which would make long term learning more self-rewarding I choose to make life itself the measure. I put my money where my mouth is and that is for some, confusing.

A client in my Innerwealth journey will progress through stages of income acceleration, love growth, health improvement and wealth increase. They will, unless they get stuck in pride and attachment, evolve into greater and greater vision and manifestation using nature as a guide. Nature is a guide if we use disorganised chaos as the trigger.

The aspiration we have to avoid disorganised chaos, family, work, health, social and financial is understandable but it is, in universal law, unavoidable and if you look around nobody you know is free of disorganised chaos. The only question is whether they are blaming and using the four substitutes to cope with not evolving or whether they are celebrating the opportunity to grow beyond what they have locked themselves into in terms of their potential.

Linking your daily deeds to your purpose is simply another brilliant way to make sure you are not using substitutes. It is a never ending daily check list to handle one of the most pernicious causes of chaos – the mind and it’s worries. By linking daily deeds to purpose you are growing and the chaos you experience is therefore new, fresh and an opportunity to evolve.

That’s it for today and episode 65.

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