Episode 74. Whatever you judge you breed attract or become.


Episode 74. Whatever you judge you breed attract or become brought to you by the universal law number two. We evolve at the border of Chaos and order.

let me take you on a journey for a moment to a remote Austrian Alpine Village where a young guy from Australia is learning to snow ski for the first time. He’s booked himself three weeks up there in the mountains to get away from his business and dive deeply into a world he hasn’t much experience in as a outback Australian.

He hires skis and books ski lessons, enjoys a few nights recovering from jetlag and drinking profusely at these Austrian bars. He’s alone and enjoying the companionship of all who love to party and drink. But that soon gets boring and the skiing starts.

His ski instructor takes him to the learning slopes which unfortunately, like the rest of the ski resort is mostly ice. Unbeknownst to the Australian, it’s a little bit off-season and there is simply no snow just massive amounts of ice with a gentle powder cover. This changes things firstly because every fall becomes like concrete, and secondly, and most importantly for the sake of this blog, stopping once going fast requires are unique approach.

A few days pass and the Australian comes to realise that he spends most of his skiing time shitting his pants. On analysis he realises that he doesn’t know how to stop. So, when he goes fast, he spends most of the time trying to slow down to avoid going fast and therefore not needing to stop.

So, being a Smartie, the Aussie books a special ski instructor for private lessons on how to stop.

Once these lessons are done, the Aussie goes back to the slopes and zooms down with reckless enjoyment because he knows how to stop.

Now let’s go to the topic of today’s blog, whatever you judge you breed attract or become.

What do you find with people who have the most anxiety, stress, mental health problems, depression, obesity and a few others will leave out, what do you find that they have in common?

Well they all are very tenacious.

Tenacity, or the ability to hold onto things becomes the common thread of mental health problems. Such a great word has such positive impact when used in the right way but unfortunately like every word in the dictionary it has two sides. Tenacity also means the inability to let go, or in ski language the inability to stop.

When we have the inability to let go just like on the ski slopes, we will not go at life at full speed because this requires the letting go of beliefs and thoughts. And so we find so often that people with mental health problems, stress or anxiety are seriously hanging onto beliefs and experiences from the past. Some people, when there is a physical experience involved, call it post traumatic stress. But all mental health problems are post traumatic stress they come from holding on to something that they just can’t let go of.

The classical approach to dealing with a person with post-traumatic stress is to revisit the stress and see if the person can release. They teach all manner of skills of being in the present or looking forward to the past. But mental health problems and post traumatic stress come from one single course and that is a life long inability to let go. The more we hold on the more painful it becomes. The more we try to move on, the more we stretch one arm in the direction of the future while the other holds on tenaciously to that past memory or experience. But it is not the way to deal with stress.

the ability to evolve, grow, adapt, develop and expand into the future is the ability to let go of a judgement. Those judgements, whether initiated or recognised through an event or a trauma or whether they are simply a mindset of tenacious belief in a set of principles, doesn’t matter. The inability to get past a judgement, to release a thought, to move forward with new thoughts, basically means to reinvent our identity. Our identity is constructed from a whole bank of thoughts that are ultimately judgements. That identity, meaning we think we are what we think, can be the cause of great happiness, or great stress and mental disaster depending on how we treat it. When a person becomes tenacious in holding on to their judgements of others or themselves they become their own worst enemy. And that is the rout of mental health problems, stress.

the universal laws of nature basically take what is real, what you can experience on Mars, what you would experience in the 50 billions galaxies around the universe in a speck of dust trillions of light years away from your breakfast table, and witness something that you can also experience and witness in a cup of coffee. Today we are talking about the law of evolution. No, there are many people who would love the world to be like it used to be. They would love the world not to evolve. They would prefer to have people not driving cars or flying in aeroplanes or using mobile phones or having their kids on iPads because they believe the world that they know is better than the world that we have. The same people struggle with mental health. Because they can’t let go.

But the evolution of the planet moves forward whether people like it or not. So the argument between our judgements and the world and its progress leads people to an interesting dilemma. Who is right? Are my judgements that I can find validation for on the Internet, which is never wrong, right? Are my judgements of my parents, ex partners, terrorists and opinions I have about electric cars right? And of course, if a person is addicted to their judgements, the answer to that question of whether they’re right, always falls to the affirmative. In other words when we hold on to our beliefs and opinions and think the world got it wrong, we are screwed. We can’t evolve.

that being said, let’s look at the love of nature. Nature, if you were to go back in your school years to primary or secondary school and remember that really really tough mean bitch of a teacher who whacked you on the hand for being late and was grumpy no matter what you did right, well multiply that by 10,000 and you have nature. She’s basically saying to you evolve or die.

There is no shadow of doubt about that conflict between what we think and what nature wants us to think. Our ego, identity, is in courage to hold on to beliefs and judgements because it forms a safety space, and for those who have grown up not feeling safe this safety space becomes very important, but, it holds us in a tenacious loop with our thoughts. And nature comes a Knockin. This fight with nature cannot be won.

so here’s the amazing thing about how nature in the second law of nature works. In order to break through your tenacity of holding on to any judgement, belief or thought you may have which may in the end stop you evolving your consciousness or awareness, she brings into your life every single thing you judge. So if you judge lying, she brings into your life children who lie, a partner who lies, a work colleague who lies, or, consequently, you lie. So, either by bringing your judgements into your life of someone you breed, someone you attract, or someone you become, nature is giving you the opportunity to evolve. The alternative is not all that attractive.

I love the word reinvent yourself.

Reinvent means, to move through your judgement. If there is an event that takes place in your life that gives you the absolute shits, then there is an opportunity for you to reinvent yourself by including the love of that quality in your portfolio of acceptance. So whether you like it or don’t like it, you must evolve. Reinventing yourself, something people do under the duress of suffering and most often with great reluctance after months or years of struggle and suffering over an ex partner or an ex event or a parent who didn’t do what they wanted, and transferring that judgement onto a child or a partner and then having more years of suffering and more years of duress, could actually just sit down and evolve and save themselves a complete loss of time and energy over 10 years for some people, just to let go of a judgement.

the cemetery is full of righteous people. People who tenaciously held on to their judgements and went to an early grave. The greatest and most expensive seminar on earth on human judgements and letting go and reinventing yourself is called a hospital. We do not have to be so brutal or clumsy. But the human ego is a massive weapon of self destruction. It is also a massive weapon of destruction of others as it will condemn someone we supposedly love and persecute them trying to get them to fit into our judgements, by claiming that our opinions and our judgements are right and the world got it wrong. To those people I say take a walk in nature and have a look at what happens to those things that hold on to their ego and beliefs.

All the dead trees all the burnt grass, all the shoreline that did not adapt, all the animals that are extinct and instead of blaming the human evolution for these things recognise that evolution means letting go. Apply that tenacity to something that you want to achieve but do not apply that tenacity to your thoughts and beliefs. Tenacity applied to thoughts and beliefs becomes a mental jungle filled with wild nasty animals that will eat your arse.

that’s the end of this episode. Remember nature acts according to principles not dictated to each individual differently. We are part of an incredible universe in which five simple principles repeat themselves over and over and over again. We are individuals and therefore we get a choice as to whether we operate in compliance with those laws or not. If we choose not to live in compliance with the universal laws, that’s a good choice but you have to accept the consequences which is that whatever you judge you will breed in your children, attract in a partner, or, become.

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